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French Perfumes

March 11th, 2014

The active principles that give their different so particular fragrances him from perfumes have had, throughout history, vegetal origin and animal. That is to say, for more than five thousand years that know that the human race has elaborated some type of product to perfume itself. Always their compositions have been based on origin substances animal, like the musk product of the secretion of some animal species like the ox, or gray amber intestinal secretion of the whales; or of vegetal origin. These last ones basically originate in essences of flowers and leaves and fruits, like the rose essence, the mint, or citronela, that grants those so distinguishing notes to him to the citruses. But the human industry has evolved, and has found solutions to the many problems that the production of organic essences brought prepared.

On the one hand, the origin substances animal have caused the extinction or almost extinction of many species, like the almizclero red deer. The problem is that to extract the musk, that is a hormone that it generates sexual attraction between the members of the race, is necessary to kill the animal. And this to obtain a small amount. On the other hand, the substances of vegetal origin require of enormous mass of raw material to remove a very small drop from the active principle. But, chemistry has an answer that solves all these disadvantages, and is much more viable economically.

If the chemical substitutes of these natural essences did not exist, the prices of perfumes would be astronomical, as they were it in the Antiquity, period during which were private properties of the nobility and the governors. Thanks to these new technologies the new perfumes have between 50 and a 90% of this type of synthetic products, without losing all their quality and its so distinguishing personality. A clear example is Thesaron, a new French, exclusive molecule of Davidoff marks of emporio Coty. The Thesaron is the equivalent to essential oils of hydrosol roses or of rose, and is much more tolerable at level allergic reactions, since it does not contain acetone, that is one of the components of the natural version of the fragrance. Chemistry allows to discover us and to develop, inclusively, new aromas that are not they present/display in natural form. By this cause, the perfume manufacturers spend enormous sums of money in new developments to give to these substances stability to support to all the process of elaboration and perdurabilidad. Thanks to chemistry, we are between us every year old 600 new perfumes, for delights of which they love those fragrances bottled in precious frasquitos that, like locked up geniuses, hope to be released. Andrea Andorra is adviser of beauty for, your perfume store online and cosmetics.