Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Body Language

June 29th, 2015

Body language is undoubtedly a factor to consider if you want to be attractive. Unconsciously most of the information we collect to communicate is by body language. Body language really comes from an internal correct play, if you feel confidence, you feel calm and comfortable with everything you do with women in automatic mode your body language flourishes so natural to being positive and attractive, then if you really want to be an attractive type with your body language, first pays attention to the confidence and internal value that you have of yourself. Even though you already understand that no matter that technique or tactic of body language use, always the true be outcrops to reality, so now if you are ready to see some of the techniques that you have in mind to speak with the girls. -While you listen to your partner always keep tightly closed mouth, your lips together this demonstrates calm and security in yourself, in other words with your mouth open shows nervousness, amazement, hurry – keep an appropriate position and avoid constant and abrupt movements, these denote restlessness, nervousness, fear, lack of control.

(Remember I told you have a relaxed body language?) -Trafficking not to cross your arms in front as it is an attitude of franca defence, reject. -Do not cover your mouth with your hands while you talk; This denotes that you are not telling the truth or that there is insecurity on your part. -Always keep a relaxed posture. As constant can see that be relaxed will bring you greater dividends, to that if you’re moving like squirrel, all the time, as if you were anxious or something similar, always stay relaxed, calm at all times, if you can maintain control of your emotions and thoughts, inside State, then you won’t any problem to maintain your calm body language.

Alzheimer Years

June 17th, 2015

What is the Alzheimer? It is a disease of the brain that destroys the mental memory and the skill and, in the end, the ability to carry out the simple tasks but. The memory problems are one of the first signals of Alzheimer. The people suffer who it can have difficulty when remembering things that happened recently or names of people who know. With time, the symptoms worsen, and can appear the following problems, repeat the questions, be soiled and need but time to finish certain tasks that before took control of but rapidity. When the disease advances, the people can have difficulty to learn new things, to recognize family and friendly and to communicate. In the end the people suffer who it need intensive cares.

It is the common cause but of dementia between our majors. The dementia is a loss of the capacity to think, to remember, and to use the own skills for the daily tasks and the activities of a person. The approximate calculations vary, but the experts suggest less than 800,000 people in Spain cannot have Alzheimer. The symptoms begin generally after the 60 years, and the risk of contracting the disease increases with the age. The young people but also can contract this disease although it is not common. The Alzheimer is not part of the aging. That it causes the Alzheimer? The scientists totally do not understand the genetic cause of the Alzheimer, although aspects and the factors of life style that affect each person of different way.

The increase of the own age is the risk but factor that can trigger this disease. I number of people with Alzheimer bends every 5 years as of the 65 years. The familiar history of each person also is important at the time of diagnosing the Alzheimer. A little frequent form of Alzheimer that appears between the 30 and 60 years is inherited, cause of the mutation in certain genes. The common form of Alzheimer appears after the 60 years. It can read but on the aetiology of the Alzheimer in my Web on psychology.