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All The Work Is Persuasion

July 9th, 2023

Headhunter networks stay Munich/Dusseldorf despite social asked, July 06, 2010 – despite all abbreviations, which apparently holds the Internet by XING, Twitter, Facebook, job fairs, career networking and co. on the way to the new place of work, the importance of professional job intermediaries is undisputed. This emerges from a recent Europe-wide survey of the Experteer career service. What attracts specialists and executives in their work? What is the role of Karrierecoaching? And how important are actually headhunter, vitamin B and other resources for the career?”were the questions to more than 2,500 members of career service. Asked about the approach to the topic of coaching, there are the Germans who see the most relevant here. 40% of respondents from the Federal Republic, so the results, are planning to take a coach to complete and 18 percent have a personal advisor now.

Place two and three are represented in this category the Netherlands (15 percent) and the Switzerland (13 percent). About two-thirds of Italians gave Meanwhile, indicating that they have already given up coaching. The largest general rejection beats against the careers advice however in the UK, 39 percent see it as not relevant to their professional success and reject it. As professional headhunter job changing the work plays an important role: wondering what options are used or recommended to the successful job changes, a large number of participants relies on their support. As talent scouts of the economy, an outstanding role in the occupation of new positions comes to the headhunters mainly in Spain (40 percent) and Austria (39 percent). In the Netherlands (33 percent) and Italy (29 percent), putting in contrast, especially in the successful changing of jobs online job boards. Of course we can’t let traditional vitamin B not neglect: almost 40 percent of the participants from the United Kingdom prefer this option before anyone else. That the work of headhunters contrary to many opinions do not necessarily make it easier through the Web, long is for industry professionals.