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Back Pain Away Easily Training?

January 23rd, 2015

The new Sling promises improvement training in no time! The problem is increasingly in the public eye back pain. Physiotherapists, doctors, or personal trainer search for new promising training methods in the field of fitness training. “Sling trainer” seem to offer an efficient way of training: are cheap to purchase, can be used anywhere and the whole body is trained. 80% of Germans suffer from severe back pain, this costs billions of dollars! Back pain are increasingly become one over the past years and decades of public disease number. Apart from infections, back pain is the most frequent reason to seek medical treatment. The reasons for this are complex. By too little movement over muscle imbalance to incorrect load.

According to a study of the German Research Center for environmental health is the caused direct (for treatment) and indirect (production and) Loss of working hours) less than 50 billion cost per year. These figures justify the question efficient prevention is one way the sling training. The sling coach the perfect mix of fitness training and prevention one of the latest developments for efficient training for back pain is the so-called Sling trainer (or even suspension trainer). The construction is quite simple: two straps are secured to the ceiling and arms, hands, or feet be hung at the end of the free vibrating, unstable ropes in slings. Now stabilizing exercises can be performed, that enable in particular the interplay of local muscles and central nervous system. You train with the own body weight, where the intensity can be varied by changing angles. The sling training is suitable for everyone, it is in the fitness as well as in the prevention area.

Research confirms the positive impact of Sling training. Way among other things from a study of TU Munich (Schmoll et al.) indicates that Sling is used training as well as improving the coordination and balance ability of above all the strengthening and stabilization of the trunk muscles, so those muscles that are important for a healthy and pain-free back. The sling coach brings the sling more training benefits offers more advantages compared to traditional forms of training the user in addition to the optimal stabilisation of the hull. So, a sling is cheaper than comparable training equipment trainer. Sling is also feasible everywhere, no matter whether at home workout, in your own backyard or at a nearby park. The sling is trainer portable with its 600 g good and ready to go in a few seconds. It saves much time and training is also on holiday or on business trips without another possible. There is more information under sling-training /… Written by Tobias Baccus