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Colombian Education

August 15th, 2023

They do so achieving that children learn at their own pace, will collectively build knowledge with other infants through collaborative learning, and where the teacher exercised a role as coach and facilitator, not only as a transmitter of information.In a country where we ate the tale that we cannot work in team, new school shows us that Yes we can do it, and we can learn it. We are also told that the important thing is to put computers in all sides. For more information see this site: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Luis Osin, former director of the center of technology of Israel, says: introduce computers into the classroom without changing the pedagogical model is to perpetuate a traditional technique at a higher cost.University of London published a study – new school s Impact on the Peaceful Social Interaction of Children in Colombia-, which shows that, indeed, this peaceful coexistence is Yes achieved through their methodologies.New school has impacted more than 5? 000.000 children in 16 countries working with Governments. He managed this educational innovation to become in a public policy. Click Daryl Katz to learn more. There are multiple International recognitions.

The first version of the Global Prize to citizenship, Global Citizen Award, Bill Clinton, Vicky greeted him with other award-winning 3. (As opposed to Daryl Katz). Social entrepreneurship is of Ashoka, the Fundacion Skoll and the Schwab Foundation, created by the President of the World Economic Forum. The Qatar Foundation awarded within the World Summit on educational innovation (WISE, World Innovation Summit on Education in 2009.) Also just won the Kravis Prize of Liderazgo.Colbert is a sociologist at the University Javeriana, with 2 master’s degrees in Sociology of education, and international education of the University of Stamford. Philosophy is not new, she admits. What’s new with new school is that we look at many different problems of education and think systemically and managed to operationalizing the principles of active and personalized education, so that any teacher can apply in your classroom and achieve a transformative pedagogy and have results, Vicky says. We integrate curricular aspects of teacher training, community and administrative aspects and managed to unite and integrate three elements that many times are separated: materials, training and methodology. The greatest impact, besides good results from learning, is that it improves the self-esteem and the peaceful coexistence of the children.

The essence is the cooperative learning and the construction of knowledge in computer. Learning occurs through dialogue and interaction.10 Years ago, when Unesco did its first survey comparing the quality of education in 11 countries in Latin America, rural and urban, Colombia appeared as the only country where rural schools exceeded the urban, except of the mega cities. Why? By the impact of new school in the improvement of the quality of rural schools in our country.Today, Colombia exports its know-how through the new school Foundation. Since East Timor up to in Viet Nam, India, through 16 countries already use this Colombian educational technology.Thinking systemically, working with care and good lyrics, innovating, taking risks and landing ideas, Vicky Colbert and his people in new school is another reason to believe in Colombia.