Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Drainage Plane Surfaces

April 16th, 2018

To remove a problem of water, completely with new flat suction technology turns on flat roofs, cellars, terraces and other flat surfaces often considered quite difficult. There is no gradient and with conventional pumping equipment is always a significant rest on water, which must be laboriously cleaned or however long it takes until he has completely evaporated. The flat suction technology solves this problem. Special flat suction mats lie directly on the surface and almost completely aspirate water and other liquids. The highlight of the system can be found on the bottom of the mat. There, channels are incorporated, which ensures a high flow rate and thus a significantly improved suction. Should, stones, mud or other debris threaten the pump with the constipation, flat suction filter be used. A filter made of special granules is fitted into the flat suction pads which lets through only water and effectively prevents damage of the pump. Flat suction mat can with or without filter Impeller-, membrane or vacuum pumps are used. For quick drainage or handling of large areas several flat suction can be operated simultaneously, which grouped together via a collector. Flat roof drainage with large roof surfaces for example shows it again and again that extensive security measures are not enough. And in addition to have several tons of water load in heavy rain on the roof is highly risky. Here the flat suction technology has proven itself often. Basement pump and flat suction with moisture sensors can be fitted firmly in underground garages, archives or private cellars. Water enters the sensors the pump starts and sucks before damage can occur. Open spaces our variant with flat suction filter, which prevents that stones, mud, and other particles to be removed, also suitable for the fast draining of sport equipment, football fields and other open spaces.