Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch


November 24th, 2016

It has 40 years, the rock musician almost Raul Seixas, deceased in 1989, with its musical philosophy or philosophical musics, as they want, it said: ' ' it has people that she passes entire life stopping the useless fight with the twigs, without knowing that she is back in the trunk that is coringa of baralho ' ' is not really? Comumente we notice some people who mutter, they complain of definitive situation, in which they are until inserted and they could help to move and to improve, but act as if they were not part of the context, criticizing in fierce way, as if also they were not a little guilty for what it is transferred. This occurs in all the sectors of the life. In the indomvel will to criticize, ' ' warriors of moinhos' ' against the twigs they do not measure consequncias, always finish harming other people, nor the one that he directly intended to reach, and, in last analysis, they harm itself proper, after all, to criticize without pointing solution is as to take a boat for the rochedos where certainly all can leave wounded, in a situation useless, with many loosers and no winner. Learn more about this with Professor Roy Taylor. It has who calls auto-aid, but she is necessary always to read, if to bring up to date to continue evaluating things that pass to our redor and thus never if to omit and yes to participate, to make to happen, to make the difference. It does not advance to be speaking to the four winds that this or that situation this certainty or that determined person valuing is not you. It searchs more, it makes more, it carries through what it finds good and certain without waiting immediate recognition or afagos in the ego, but yes for providing some better thing for the next one. Sacred Holy Writs speak of the duty to love to the next one as to we ourselves. This is an excellent message on that to make the good generates most, more accomplishment, greater satisfaction.

Who knows this teaching is not the trunk, coringa of baralho for definitive resolutions and not it useless fight against the twigs? We are human, we know that it has hour that of the will to play everything for the high one, mainly if we do not obtain with the desired rapidity to move situations that we judge wrong. But coming back to the constant sacred teachings in as much the religions, our time is not the time of the Creator and underneath of the sky it has time determined for all intention, time to plant and for spoon, this is undisputed. We do not have to never give up our dreams, of our ideals in search of a world more fraterno and igualitrio for all the humanity. Unhappyly (but thanks to God I believe that it is a minority) said human beings they insist on difficult attitudes of if understanding. Sites and periodicals bring all hour the defenseless news of maltreatment against children and animals; crimes for reasons of fteis; dullness as welded North American urinando on enemy corpses, at last, things that make in them to think that to believe the redemption human being it is fight against twigs that come back to grow and to give work Optimist that I am and that I believe all needs to be, always suggests to beat the dust and to always continue in the fight and who knows, going to the trunk, to coringa of baralho?