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Feng Shui

January 15th, 2017

As a result, no managed to do yet, and a pair of stitches to her husband to raise the salary, and finished the embroidery, she was offered a lucrative contract and she was able to buy an apartment. And what are we worse?) Once we find a loved one, will buy apartment, and have a baby think) And here in full force before us presents a set of cross-stitch on Dim Almost perfect. According to statistics, 99% of this embroidery works and your desire fulfilled. Once we have successfully will raise kids should think and health. Here we come to the aid embroidery Cranes. It is advisable to choose cranes, painted with pine twigs or tree.

Just to improve health and help you decorate the kitchen embroidery peaches. Thus it is desirable to have a couple more in the refrigerator in order to delete your appetite at the sight of such an appetizing picture. In order to attract wealth and abundance in your home, safely embroider sailboat. But it is necessary to embroider only one who proudly strives to ahead under full sail and a quiet, gently swaying sea, it is desirable that he would have sailed to you. Otherwise, get the opposite effect.

As well known for their popular carp. They say that even the first crosses bring amazing results. And why not try it yourself? Of the symbols of Feng Shui, I would advise you to buy three coin-related double knot luck and put in a purse. The same coin can be placed under a stationary phone, and when he will call, it will be a symbol of the flow of money. It is well-known three-legged toad with a coin in his mouth – a symbol of good luck. Position it in the sector of wealth, a muzzle in the room that would be created impression to you in an apartment. Famous Horseshoe know everything. About what should be its ends to hang up, I think it goes without saying. For car lovers, it is necessary to embroider the picture you liked cars. And, you can create a map of desire. Put in the center of your picture and paste a photo next to cars that you want to buy. I tried this technique on the desired phone and got it =) What you and I wish.