Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Hospital Attendance

January 22nd, 2017

In virtue I aggravate of it had been displayed improvements in existing the hospital structure already to absorb this demand, either of necessary stream beds, material or medicines. They had been indispensable to the implantation of measures of action as the revision of the measures of instituted precaution and control in the health services. Source: Professor Roy Taylor. In this period the costs with the grippe, had worried the hospitals of the State and the private net of assistance that already came working in the limit of the physical and financial capacity, since before the appearance of the pandemic what a bleeding was aggravated still more causing substantial in already contained public and private resources of the health (Luciana Christ – Paran – Online). Ahead of the pandemic picture one became necessary to take measured cogentes being the main ones you reach taken in Curitiba, as the closing of Adult Soon-Attendance of the Hospital of Clinics (HC), for exclusive attendance to the serious patients with respiratory illnesses, suspected to be with the new grippe. Preventive Medicine Research Institute gathered all the information. These patients came brought for the SAMU after having passed for selection. I occasion during it of the H1N1 were supplied to orientaes all the medical professionals of the unit of urgency and emergency for the attendance of in agreement patients orientaes of the City department of the Health, that instituted from the day the 24/07/2009 Unit of Urgency and Emergency HC as responsible for the attendance of serious patients with pictures of Influenza A (H1N1) and therefore some measures had been taken in emergencial character so that it could adjust the good attendance to these patients, who had two forms of entering Soon in the Attendance (Par): guiding through the Central office of Stream beds of Curitiba and the guiding through telephonic contact of the Units of Sade (24 US) hs of reference (US Boa Vista and US Fazendinha).