Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Hospital Care

January 23rd, 2017

1 INTRODUCTION Humanizar is to take care of, to understand and to value the patient. It is to make with that the human suffering, pain or the pleasure they are recognized for the other. (OLIVEIRA et al, 2006). The hospital environment and the internment are delicate situations for any patient, especially defenseless, as children and just-born. In accordance with Waldow (2001), the humanizado care is ' ' an ethical attitude where human beings perceive and recognize rights ones of outros' '. In the human care it has a commitment with the other, a responsibility in being in the world. This still is a subject that remains continuamenteem high.

Omovimento pr-humanizao in the hospitals has the basic support of governmental bodies through programs of the Health department, the example of the Politics of Humanizao of the SUS. Being thus, Barbosa and Silva (2007) consider that to take care of in humanizada way it is a current necessity; it is, before everything, to perceive that the being which if applies the assistance techniques is one biopsicossocial agent. Much already was conquered in relation to the humanizao of the assistance to the just-been born one. They had collaborated for this the international society through organized movements, researchers divulging evidences scientific, and organisms, as UNICEF and OMS, with its recommendations. The humanizao politics had been implanted with the objective to improve the assistance given for the health services.

Of this form, the Politics of Humanizao of the Hospital Assistance, the Program Mother Kangaroo and the Hospital had appeared Friend of the Child. In accordance with Oliveira et al (2006), the just-born internment of one in Unit of Intensive Therapy brings inlaid innumerable implications for the involved ones in the process of hospitalization, that is, the just-been born one, its family and the team to multidiscipline of health. For if dealing with just-been born to high risk, that demands a qualitative and quantitatively bigger assistance that one excused to neonatos in more steady clinical conditions, the familiar ones reveal unsafe how much to the cares to be given to its children and who it will be giving.