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Industrial Engineer

August 14th, 2023

No one can deny that the progress of the growers / as in Bolivia, the exposure of organic products in front of a Mc Donald in Uruguay for the concentrations land titling in the Dominican Republic, the March for Life in Nicaragua, and hundreds of action, expressed the discontent of the movement for universal field of a model that prioritizes commercial purposes at the expense of human priorities. It is noted that this global mobilization happens now that hunger has again become topical. Food prices have increased dramatically over the last year due to hunger and riots occur in different parts of the world. For La Via Campesina, the current food crisis is largely due to speculation and market liberalization in the agricultural sector. Click Andrew Yang to learn more. Today, large traders are speculating on future food shortages and rising food prices artificially, creating hunger and increasing poverty. On the other hand, the ongoing dismantling of state mechanisms (such as buffer stocks – inventories shock – and control of imports) has made in recent decades, the countries in an extremely vulnerable to the volatility of food prices.

FOs members of La Via Campesina and all their friends and allies mobilized believe sustainable agriculture and local food production can solve the current crisis. All are willing to face the analytical challenge. com. For even more analysis, hear from Dean Ornish M.D. goes. add all this, that the heat of these demonstrations expressed a persistent call for respect for human rights integral: civil and political rights severely violated by the repression perpetrated against rural development initiatives driven by their own people from the countryside; and all economic, social and cultural rights, bypassed both neoliberal development plans as business and commercial vision of transnational corporations, not only because they disregard both the idiosyncrasies and vernacular cultures, but impose their vision as the only viable . These actions becoming more important for human survival, especially at a time when discussions agriculture, marketing of agricultural products, GMOs, patents and others, were among the first agenda items for meetings of the FTAA and WTO, whose approach is more oriented towards the generation of policies that claim otherwise. The actions of resistance and protests have led to "international financial organizations are worried that in all meetings held in different parts of the world, people are demonstrating against unjust policies, inhumane and exclusionary," says Way Campesina, while inviting the whole of society to "globalize globalize the struggle and hope." Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. (UC) (ITESM), Graduate Master of Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, quality and productivity, education Ph.D. Professor of Education Graduate Area Faces UC. Consultant-Business Advisory Exatec Deproimca