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Mental Fitness

March 14th, 2022

News from the ageing it is composed more and more by the realization that a good supply of micronutrients in the age is an essential building block for healthy aging. This is true for some vitamins as well as for certain trace elements and minerals that are all grouped together under the term micro-nutrients. It does not apply but according to current knowledge to all representatives of this nutrient group. Therefore, it makes little sense, easy to go to the supermarket and buy a multivitamin mineral nutrient supplements. Usually a very wide range of micronutrients is represented in such preparations.

This often in such small amounts, that their contribution to the health in old age can safely be challenged. It, however, preparations to draw on, whose ingredients were examined on their usefulness in the age makes sense. There are new results currently to vitamin D. researchers from England and the United States have gone to the question whether vitamin D efficiently affects the mental age. The answer is quite clearly yes”. So, the researchers from England over 6 years accompanied a group of more than 800 retirees and pensioners. They measured their mental capacity on a regular basis and put this in relationship to personal vitamin D status of the participants.

The result was appalling. Participants with a poor supply of vitamin D, the acceptance of intellectual was significantly larger than the Group of participants with good supply efficiently in the 6-year study period. A poor supply of vitamin D can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from the United States, specifically looked at research with vitamin D after the mental fitness age results confirm this conclusion. Then a lack of vitamin D is accompanied by specially the Alzheimer’s dementia at great risk for dementia. But there is a lack of vitamin D in older people in Germany now actually.