Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Nurses Group

January 1st, 2017

Therefore, the administration sufficiently alert for the fact that they would so to say do not bother about trifles It follows from this that the administration butit provide explicit opposition not only to this scheme, but any fraud with medical certificates, particularly if it is not isolated episodes Doctors and Nurses from the desk of sick leave. Those and other relatively low wages, and theoretically they could enter into the scheme. But only theoretically, because benefit from the work under this scheme is not as obvious as it seems to first glance. Head of the department. The University of Chicago may help you with your research. These officials could theoretically enter into an agreement with the doctors.

No heads to issue a certificate 095 / y for a period of 10 days and more problematic, although it can be. Now we can consider what group may organize to implement the scheme. In the simplest team should include the following: Organizer (aka site owner) Courier physician clinics (usually physician), nurse at the desk sick. Of course, the organizer and the messenger can act in one person, but usually this does not happen. No doctor in the clinic can not open a medical certificate 095 / y, without a table sick it can not be closed, so they are both indispensable. Further, Let us analyze what can make this professional group (hereinafter referred to as common people – a gang). Without much difficulty, this group may issue medical certificates 095 / y in persons who are registered in the service area this clinic.