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Pallet Truck

October 6th, 2016

Pallet truck – quite unpretentious kind of warehouse equipment, simplicity, and durability. Despite its modest size, pallet truck capable of carrying cargo weighing up to 3 tons. Managing such carriage does not require special skills and any unskilled worker can move loads using hydraulic cart. Feature hydraulic truck is available waterworks, which defines the operation of such equipment. Pallet truck may have a different length forks.

This is due to conditions in which to work the hydraulic trolley, as well as a different kind goods. Pallet truck with short forks can be used to work inside the car or the narrow compartments of the warehouse. In addition, short forks allow hydraulic truck safely enter the elevator. Pallet truck with a long fork is used for the transport of outsize cargo and transportation standards. In the second case, the use of hydraulic truck with a long fork makes the process of the most effective due to the fact that the truck with the long forks can carry two pallets. Wheel hydraulic truck can be made of different material, depending on the type of floor covering in working area.

To work on hard surfaces should be used pallet trucks with polyurethane or vulkalanovymi wheels. This type of wheel is suitable for use on surfaces that are prone injury: a tile or linoleum. It is worth saying and forklift wheels, whose number depends on how smooth a surface on which to move the hydraulic cart. Single fork wheels used in the case, if the surface rather smooth. If, however, is not the case, you must use double-wheel fork.