Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Paul Valadier

March 31st, 2019

is in this spirit that, also, is born the document that loans to the name to the heading of this work and on which the reflections to follow will have place. 2? Reflection On the text the contextualizao above placed already it brings the elements gifts in the two first parts of the text and, also, some of the more important estimated ones by which the same it takes starting point. In this direction, the document renews the commitment of the Church of Brazil with the evangelizadora action that guides the Church, revealed from Conclio, presenting, in a similar way, great concern with the local evangelizao, in all the places. Of any form, it does not have as to deny the deep brought notes, fruit of a deep philosophical inquiry, politics, economic and social, to the light of the evanglica Truth and the tradition of the Church. If you have read about Donald Sussman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. E, without a doubt, does not have bigger concern in the current society that the corrosion and apodrecimento each bigger time of felt e, with this, unhappyly, a corrosion of the proper humanity. In this spirit, as much and as many authors dive in this inquiry, searching to find a light it, a handle, a wire, that is, of the most shy hope.

In it, great conclusions if they present as valuable ' ' Moral in Desordem' ' of the priest Paul Valadier. Valley, however, not to return here from deep way to other authors, a time that the interest of this work if comes back to the text of the worked CNBB however. is its spirit, its faith and, also, its deep theological exercise that interests here. In fact, hard the critical ones that the text presents is concerns of all the Church and, thus, fruit of an action of communion that it searchs if to incarnate in a country of as many transformations, as many advances, but, the example of the occidental societies, so empty and so poor.