Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Special Leisure Offers

June 18th, 2023

Music, culture, nature: Foundation of cultural and meeting centre Waldsassen Waldsassen (tvo). The subject of values and sustainability is a urklosterliches topic. “If the cultural and meeting centre of the Abbey Waldsassen his environmental station 2010 under the theme sustainable lifestyle” is, so it wants to revive the idea of the values and effectively anchor it in the hearts of the people. Numerous workshops and presentations in the new multiannual programme dedicated to the responsibility which the people of nature and the environment, but also for themselves and their fellow human beings have. The range of offerings ranges from the nutrition seminar on the theme night to the energy supply of the future up to the creative afternoon around money. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ellen Alaverdyan. The cultural and meeting center goes beyond with a variety of religious, musical and cultural events in the year 2010. Seminars such as the OASIS day in the monastery serve strengthening of the personality, others such as the Waldsassener singing week of creativity and who wants to savor the movement in free nature, can be in the kayak or Canadian Experience NAAB.

Information: Cultural and meeting centre of the Abbey Waldsassen Basilica square 2 95652 Waldsassen, Tel. 09632/9200-37, fax 09632-9200-47,,. Music: 10 years MusikAkademie Schloss Alteglofsheim, Alteglofsheim (tvo). Almost a quarter of a million people have visited in the last ten years the Bayerische MusikAkademie Schloss Alteglofsheim as seminar, concert-goers or historically interested guests at castle tours. Nearly 2,000 seminars, training courses and courses for amateurs and professional musicians and music educators took place since then.

Whether classic or modern music that opens its doors to all musical genres and styles the MusikAkademie rock or folk music. The Bayerische MusikAkademie celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The extensive annual programme of the anniversary year includes important milestones in the work of the Academy and the breadth of musical education, and training. The MusikAkademie offers regular workshops – schools – in addition to in-service training. As a meeting place and focal point for music, art and culture in the region of the MusikAkademie will introduce its educational work in concerts and seminars.