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Second Layer

May 28th, 2019

How had been acquired the 3 layers in First question Layer? Badly acquired Second Layer – Desired, was an Inheritance Third Layer? Imposed the Layer Badly Acquired Symbol of the Magnificent one, Impediment and for the preachers as occult sins. She was without a doubt one of the layers prettiest. The fact is that what we classify as pleasant to the eyes, what it seems that is not badly. Yes, it can not seem badly, but it is against will of God. To follow the God leading things of the past, inheritance of the Satan. When we accept Jesus we must leave the Satan to lead what he belongs to it. To open hand of what not lode of God.

God destroys the foundations of the Satan. God does not use to advantage remaining portions of the structures of the Satan. God reconstructs everything of the zero. To follow the Jesus we need to leave the knapsack. It goes to change its life, to prosper, for that is necessary you to leave everything what he is badly and this that nobody perceives, the necessity to leave stops backwards what does not give.

To say I am New Creature, is necessary to make something before: Liberte of the past! The old things already had passed Jesus not accepted remnants of the past to construct its history. Has how much time you follows the God without recebr nothing? However, God does not use the book of the devil to construct its life. It writes a new book, comes back to the zero, more to reconstruct its life, God to free goes you of what you loved in the world. Preventive Medicine Research Institute wanted to know more. When you become free yourself of the layer, everything start to move, place fire in what she confuses its growth! Nothing of the way is not recommenced it way, is of the beginning. ' ' Nobody sewing new cloth patch in old vestment; because the new patch strap has left of the old vestment, and is bigger the rupture. Nobody puts new wine in odres old; of the opposite, the wine will breach odres; in such a way loses the wine as odres. But new wine sets in odres novos' ' (Landmarks 2:21 – 22). To recommence is to make right everything and to give to place God to work. It continues. ,

The Reality

May 28th, 2019

That nothing, my portion woman, who until then took shelter itself is the portion best that I bring now in me she is she makes that me to live Who gives, Could all man understand, Mother, who gives. To be the summer the apogee of the spring and alone for it to be. Who knows the superman comes in them to restitute the glory, Moving, as God, the course of history Because of the woman ' ' It is inside of this universe that hour we glimpse, that the Theology appears of feminine matrix. It can until saying that the feminine Theological reflection if compares the cited Biblical ticket in evangelho of Lucas 15,8-10: ' ' The joy of God if resembles a woman who, when losing one dracma, lights the light bulb, sets to sweep it all the house and looks for careful mind until finding it, and then calls all its friends and neighbors to festejar with joy for having it joined. ' ' Dracma symbolizes the meeting and the discovery of the woman from its experience of God and of the theological work that the women experienciem in day-by-day and always go gaining more space until if becoming party in public square, where all woman is invited to dance and to express with joy in a comprehensive language for all. Necessity becomes here, to show that theological activity of the woman looks for to be: – Integrator of the diverse dimensions human beings, force and ternura, joy and I cry, intuition and reason. – Communitarian and relationary: it collects great number of experiences that state something lived and direction, thus people if recognize, and if they feel interpellated by the reflection. – Contextual and concrete: part of the reality geographic, social, and cultural, perceiving the vital questions of the community. One is about a theological activity marked by the daily one of the life as a place of manifestation of God.

The Absolute

May 19th, 2019

But, we like adrenalin, and we go down for a more difficult way. It came the age of the darknesses, the slaughter on behalf of ' ' Deus' ' , later, ' ' it comes back to fontes' ' of the reason, ' ' iluminismo' ' , a light, by the way, used to kill, as the nocturnal hunters who dim the hares, paralyze them and kill. ' ' Justificados' ' for the ecclesiastical aberrations they had been for the opposing side. From there of this ' ' luz' ' it derived atesmo more and its alternatives the God, being the notable the theory of the evolution. Now that we are in sop of the mount, of the other side, natural to try to have animals as parameters, after all, they are ours ' ' semelhantes' '. Of the plan of Creation, the thing is ece of fish as finished workmanship, not devoid of improvements. ' ' it reproduces as espcie.' ' The Creator said. More, he presents the man as to be fallen, insufficient in itself, devoid of God, inclined to the moral degeneration.

He does not have gaps to fill, only, relation to restore. To know more about this subject visit Dean Ornish M.D. The Absolute one bequeathed the Spirit and its values, moral slight knowledge in the man. Interesting that many act as animal and want the endorsement of God, to perhaps be of esteem; animals, but, treated as children. In the truth, God already esteem its animals he created and them as such, of the men, wait that they reflect Its Image, Christ. It is certain that the moral destruction goes to increase, therefore, the majority is mentally ill of God, and, few has courage of being inconvenient and politically incorrect, despite, verazes. The ones that is Mr., however, are exortados, same being here, in the base, to search things of the top, where they are the treasures of the wisdom. ' ' Therefore if already you revived with Christ, you search the things that are from above? ' ' Col3; 1

The Bible

May 17th, 2019

This idea can come express clearly in an only versicle, for exempl: ' ' Happy who thinks about the weak one and indigente' ' , Salmo 41,2, or then still can be a general conclusion of one of the texts of the day or of all the texts of the day, what it would be the idea master who dirige the liturgy. By the way, homiliasta is not obliged from this idea master, therefore inside of the Biblical texts it has many beautiful ideas that can touch much more to the heart of the faithful. The reason so that if it works with only one idea is in the capacity of apprehension of the faithful. The people, and in general same the ones that possess a little more than culture, tend to exhaust its attention if many ideas in one same homiltico text present them. But the people holds back better of the homilia if this is all sidewalk in an idea alone. In clearer terms: the people alone understands an idea alone; more than one, generates confusion in its heads. A beautiful idea cannot be any idea. Homiliasta will not only use the head when choosing the subject, the Biblical idea, of its homilia; but it will choose this subject with sensitivity, with heart, with aesthetic, spirit of artist.

The idea has of being beautiful, empolgante and of easy assimilation. This is not very difficult because all the ideas contained in the Bible, ideas that are intentions of message of the Biblical author, are beautiful ideas, therefore God is the Beauty. Discerning between form and substance Here it is the point most important of this second rule. The Bible is a set of texts; however, all text has form and substance, and the Word of God is in the substance and not in the form. Of general form is extended to confuse it the two dimensions, that is, to present as Word of God what it is mere the formal expression of it.

Espirito Santo

May 14th, 2019

However, all apostlica blessing signs up Father Filho and Espirito Santo; The model when includes baptizing It as a name to be invoked next to the Father and the Son, finally, Joo unifies them. ' ' Because three are the ones that testify in the sky: the Father, the Word, and the Espirito Santo; these three are um.' ' I Jo 5; 7 Politesmo would be if we had a God more than. If you have read about Preventive Medicine Research Institute already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But, God gave the Law, Jesus fulfilled and perfected its content, and the Espirito Santo made to remember to the Doctrine of Christ, what it shows complete interaction between the three people, being one alone God, as well as a couple, exactly being two, if it says that one alone meat is, such its communion when it has love. These that denies this, the least if give to the work to explain who are Jesus and the Espirito Santo, and they do not firm arguments in omissions, having the vastness of the revelation to use. Source: Newcastle University. I do not have illusions how much the one that these make what they advise, a revision of concepts, but, still write thus, in attention the possible drifters whom they need to firm position. Vi one of these to never make a concession the arguments ranks, in way that not they will make, so certain are of ours ' ' erro.' ' Ones, until uses heathen triads pra to prove that this comes of the paganismo. However, always we saw the false one to imitate to the true one, never the opposite, in way that ' ' cpias' ' exprias do not disqualify the doctrine of the Trindade, before legitimize, it. ' ' The porfia is the perseverance of the side avesso, the longanimidade of diabo.' ' Zeferino Rossa

Paul Valadier

March 31st, 2019

is in this spirit that, also, is born the document that loans to the name to the heading of this work and on which the reflections to follow will have place. 2? Reflection On the text the contextualizao above placed already it brings the elements gifts in the two first parts of the text and, also, some of the more important estimated ones by which the same it takes starting point. In this direction, the document renews the commitment of the Church of Brazil with the evangelizadora action that guides the Church, revealed from Conclio, presenting, in a similar way, great concern with the local evangelizao, in all the places. Of any form, it does not have as to deny the deep brought notes, fruit of a deep philosophical inquiry, politics, economic and social, to the light of the evanglica Truth and the tradition of the Church. If you have read about Donald Sussman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. E, without a doubt, does not have bigger concern in the current society that the corrosion and apodrecimento each bigger time of felt e, with this, unhappyly, a corrosion of the proper humanity. In this spirit, as much and as many authors dive in this inquiry, searching to find a light it, a handle, a wire, that is, of the most shy hope.

In it, great conclusions if they present as valuable ' ' Moral in Desordem' ' of the priest Paul Valadier. Valley, however, not to return here from deep way to other authors, a time that the interest of this work if comes back to the text of the worked CNBB however. is its spirit, its faith and, also, its deep theological exercise that interests here. In fact, hard the critical ones that the text presents is concerns of all the Church and, thus, fruit of an action of communion that it searchs if to incarnate in a country of as many transformations, as many advances, but, the example of the occidental societies, so empty and so poor.


March 29th, 2019

This name of worship receives the name from latria. If it cannot confuse worship with veneration and the respect stops with the people and the things saints: Sacred Holy Writs, Saints, Images, incenses, rites or things that are part of a celebration. Some catholic never heard defending that the Saint was God! Exactly because this would be to fall in one pantesmo (defended for Calvino and Lutero in some of its workmanships). To say itself that the catholics adore the saints, the plaintiffs of the Church Catholic would have that to say that They are Benedict, for example, he is not Are Benedict, but God. E, still more difficult, the catholics would have that to affirm that They are Benedict it is the statue, a species of magical amulet. No catholic believes that the saint either God or that it is the wood of the statue (as a deity).

Soon, he does not have possible idolatria, since this consists of adoring a false god. Therefore we must have knowledge of the Latria words that is the exclusive cult the God the Dulia that are made to the Saints and the hiperdulia that is made the Maria exclusively the Mother of Jesus. We see clearly therefore, that from the moment that we go having knowledge of words that follow this type of cult we go taking off certain ideas that by times is placed in the heads of the fidiciary offices for the disharmony and the distanciamento of that in the salute and it frees in them: Jesus. Independent religion or religiosidade, we need to foment feelings Christian always, and to recommend to behaviors fidiciary offices to the evanglicos values, teaching to the members of the eclesial community a solid recital of the truth that we always profess in reply the requirements of understanding of the person who lives today in very eclectic a social context, interreligioso and multicultural, where the reason can prevail beyond the faith, being that both walk interlaced for the way of the truth and the salvation.

Holy Writs

March 28th, 2019

THESIS: When only to recognize that we are limited e, in them to submit the God, trusting that It will enable in them, we will be apt to fulfill the ministry for which we were called. Dean Ornish M.D shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. ARGUMENTS: I – IN THE CASE OF MOISS, THE CALL THE HOLY GHOST, IT ONLY HAPPENED AFTER HAVING PASSED FOR THE DESERT. – It was in the desert that God if disclosed the Moiss – According to story of the Holy Writs, we can see, that even so Moiss if mattered with the suffering of its people and, possessing of was so raised social level and intellectual (At. 7:22 – 25), God allowed that it was 40 years in the desert. E, this was necessary! only after this, when more trusting its proper force and capacity, it is not that God if showed it and disclosed Its intention to it. God, saw the affliction of Its people in Egypt and knew its sufferings.

E, wise person who Moiss also if mattered with the suffering of its people, HOWEVER, It wise person who before Moiss came if to become in that it would have to lead the people of Israel in its exit of Egypt, was necessary that it learned to live under Its total dependence. What without a doubt, it must all be characteristic basic in the life of that one that is called by God for Its Workmanship. Moiss, needed a deep experience with the God of its parents and, it was this that God provided to it in the desert. – The presence of God in the desert, took Moiss to adopt a reverence position – When mentioning itself it Itself exactly, as being I AM, God I wanted to show the Moiss who It is the Perpetual one, that is, That one that it did not need a cause to exist; That one that had All the Power and that he is Sovereign above all what exists and happens.

Efraim More

March 27th, 2019

Let us deliver they, therefore, the sources of the dispute, the disputes and let us dig new with the shovel of the evangelizao. While many yearn for to correct ours ‘ ‘ erros’ ‘ it has millions that they lack our water, we have more to make. Interesting that exactly under rocks, they were the alive waters there. Now I speak to that they had freed the plough, thanks to the work of the envious ones; let us be as the shepherds of Isaque, let us take off the rocks, the alive waters are to the reach! Much made devocionais in family, and now they isolate each one with its toy they are not said more than what they judge necessary. Nothing of matrix spiritual.

Couples that had left the affective treatment and use rough words with one another, as if nor if they knead, deceit; it has touched a disease in the other to see the affliction that of. Still love exists, but, under rocks of indifference, lack of ternura. Learn more on the subject from Dean Ornish M.D. It takes off the rocks, the water is there. Many things that would have to be said in time, only are later that somebody dies, take off the rocks, leave to flow the Espirito Santo and reveal its appraise in time. Christ complained of this affective esfriamento stops with It; ‘ ‘ I have, however, against you that you left your first amor.’ ‘ Apoc 2; 4 Many times we take decisions spirituals; now I go to devote itself, I will not commit plus such sin, I go to pray more and to watch; however to the first temptation, we lose shamefully. God said that they were thus the decisions of Efraim and Jud; ‘ ‘ I will make you to what, Efraim? I will make you to what, Jud? Because your benignancy is as the cloud of the morning and as the dew of dawn, that early passa.’ ‘ The 6; 4 Another malignant cunning is friction in contemptuous way our actions in Christ; fundamentalismo, fanatism, cowardice, and for go there. One more time, we have that to learn with the shepherds of Isaque who had renewed the sources and had called for the names that Abrao gives. It calls its choices spirituals for the name that Salvador gave; conversion, new birth, salvation, wisdom of God, perpetual life, something does not stop after the death, but already, as Pablo exortou the Timteo: ‘ ‘ The good military service of the faith militates, takes ownership of the perpetual life, for which also you were called, having already good fact confession ahead of many testemunhas.’ ‘ I Tim 6; 12 Always it will have disputes for our sources, signal we have that them, nobody fight for sand in the desert, but, in Christ we are more than winning.

They gush out therefore, for our lives, water for who has headquarters Let us be as Neemias that restored the walls of Jerusalem in difficult times, of opposition; it did not leave that this removed the target. Dean Ornish M.D may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Same the envious ones they had had that to recognize that it makes you the workmanship. Let us make the same. ‘ ‘ The attacks of the envy are the only ones where the aggressor, if could, preferred to play the role of vtima.


May 29th, 2015

Thus it is transferred with the nationalism that if it protects for detrs of the nostalgic historicismos or the different regionalismos; thus, the search of substantial values, an ethical or aesthetic order transcendente, by means of the claim of the traditional one, the return the forms of religious thought and of the defense of an autonomy of moral principles also of sign transcendente' '. (SUBIRATS, 1991.). As Martelli the necessary religion to be evaluated as a cultural resource, whose emblems are in level to explain the new reality understood for the actors, without the use of the language and the symbols basically needs to pass by means of the modalities formed for the institucional religions. .the loss of the importance of the traditional communities does not proceed in the insignificncia of the religious symbols, as they had supported the exponents of the secularizao, but only in the weakness of the linkings between the eclesiais institutions and the proper symbols. This clarifies contradictory use multipurpose of such symbols, followed and freely explained for the cults and seitas that appear in number each bigger time in years 80, ' ' as well as for indivduos' ' (MARTELLI, 1995 P. 17) In its workmanship, the elementary forms of the religious life, Durkheim (1983) another time uses the landmark collective representations. In it, the author considers the primitive religious system Australian cults to involve its elementary forms, as the proper heading suggests, and the religious nature of the man. However, he detaches that the preference of the primitive religions is for a method question (historical), therefore all the religions they have the same reasons and they answer to the same precisions. In this meaning, the religion is a rule of reproductions of the world, from where the cosmology of the society proceeds even though. Knowledge as time and space, enclosed while agreement layers are born of the religious thought.