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November 8th, 2021

Fair opportunities all children – a non-profit association is a new innovative, forward-looking and unique project computer and Internet free for needy people, INTERNET and COMPUTER – fair chances for everyone for the first time in Austria – before a fully fledged online computer, a so-called online computer, for everyone – which is free available from all members of SOCIUS to the active fight against of the poverty and the social exclusion of the public. Steven A. Kaplan is full of insight into the issues. A computer and an Internet connection among the normalcy in today’s consumer society. However, approximately 30% of Austrian households have no PC and Internet access, as is evident from the latest figures of Statistics Austria. Mainly affected are at risk of poverty or living already in overt poverty people, their children and families. Having no PC or Internet access is a great disadvantage in education, information and opportunities for the future, especially in children.

A classic case of social Exclusion. SOCIUS of the self-help Association against poverty and social exclusion will eliminate this disadvantage and has called for the campaign INTERNET & COMPUTER – fair opportunities for everyone in life. During this campaign, SOCIUS provides its members a virtual machine, a so-called online computer, equipped with the most common computer programs such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, email management, Web browser, address book, calendar, Messenger, image editing, file management, games, and much more, as well as one 80 GB large virtual hard disk, one file -, system -, and Task Manager for free. This personal online computer is reachable place unbound can be used and any Internet access around the world. The access is protected against unauthorised access. The project has been made possible by the cloud computing, as well as through the years of project work and development of the club founder Harald Dittrich. The innovative project is the Association SOCIUS and available to its members exclusively.

Is planned the creation of a comprehensive offer for all socially disadvantaged people in Austria. Each Member (children and their relatives) gets also a free enrollment in the framework in addition to its personal online computer organized workshops. If needy members have no own hardware (computer) or Internet access, Internet access to particularly favourable conditions as well as the hardware will be provided in the foreseeable free these people. Negotiations with relevant providers are under way for a low-cost Internet access. Hardware, which is provided free to provide needy members, to be produced by enhancement and adaptation of old collected computers (computer scrap) in the course of own socio-economic employment. The plans for this are already in full swing. Coming soon will also be started a large campaign for old computer. This campaign will be an exemplary Actively helped the way socially disadvantaged people and combat poverty and social exclusion effectively and sustainably. In addition, new and permanent jobs will be created and increasingly avoided by recycling waste. More information about the self-help Association SOCIUS, visit the homepage of SOCIUS – self-help Association against poverty and social exclusion information campaign: fair opportunities all children – computer and Internet free for needy people Harald Dittrich SOCIUS press office email:

Creative Commons

July 20th, 2021

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