Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

The Weeds

May 11th, 2022

Wise person that at any time could reach it, then, despaired entered in the first house that appeared, gave luck therefore was empty. Tired and abated, with a terrible pain of head, beyond being bleeding. If she leaned against an old armchair and dusty, without having control on itself exactly she fainted of fatigue. – All good – it said oldest of the boys, who had thirteen years – since nobody wants to jump I polishes first, but know that vocs they are fearful ones, I must have called others. With the heart to pinotes, it jumped of the other side. The land was enormous, but it was taken by the weeds, intrepidamente it was opening way them others following. In recent months, Killeen Nutritionist has been very successful.

One by one all had jumped the wall, but silence between them was mortal, was with more fear of what with curiosity. One of them said: – Vocs does not find that we had to come back? It seems that it goes to rain! Oldest than it led the line, was limited to say it: – Mulherzinha you with fear? – It is that I heard to say that a time per week somebody is assassinated and left here to please the bad espritos, the opposite they would leave and attack the people in the city. – She leaves of besteira, you is inventing this now. The others two boys did not say nothing, only heard, but they could not leave to admit that also they were with fear. They had arrived until the door of the deep ones, but she was locked on the inside and she did not have as abriz it. They had encircled the house and they had not found ways to enter. – Very well? she insisted the boy? she does not have as to enter, this already was proven, then optimum to make she is to go even so.

The Great Conclusion

January 1st, 2017

As many information and as many details had made with that Bethpensasse in because of those women to have so been devaluated eperseguidas for the men, and concluded that it was fear, the fear to have that to divide to opoder that to the men they only belonged. Thinking and searching it concluded queexistiam other possibilities originadasde some points of view. A possibility is that the women passed maistempo in house, took care of of the plantation of foods, the children and the animaisdomsticos. In this to take care of they could observe as the life functioned, the time daschuvas, of dries, of influences caused for the different phases of the noplantio moon, in the harvest, the childbirths, knew for instinct and experience as anatureza functioned. To put the most pursued they were the healers, women quesabiam to manage teas, ungentos and potions that cured some illnesses, and esseconhecimento, conquered for the look most intent to the habits of the animals, porexemplo, that they died or if they cured when feeding itself of certain plants. If the animal one was bompara was good for the man.

To the eyes of the powerful ones, as much knowledge could to give asmulheres the desire of being able, what it was unacceptable, therefore them only homensdetinham the power, then the Church accuses passed it them with practises of witchcraft eassim the judgment and the conviction if it would become of religious character. In this period the nonsenses had been practised more, violent ehumilhantes methods of torture against the defendant until eseus confiscated goods were executed. Not rare it was the fact of its families and descendants to be tortured ebanidos of the place where they lived. thus the healers had started to be seen as witches, thing who the passousculos Church Catholic feeding, and until today the children of the entire world see essasmulheres as people me, without heart eque works and lives to practise the evil, serving not to the God of the IgrejCatlica but to the Devil. Beth dived in this research of body and soul, how much maisdescobria more it had to discover, therefore whenever it can and until when not podevolta to the study, that happy and only now proud of being descending of the bruxasirlandesas of red hair and that in turn they are descending of mulheresceltas. But it knows very well that no matter how hard the things have moved, that asmulheres if has freed and evolved, still has much thing for conquering eque it concluded that its research is alone a tip of immense icebergda history of the humanity. Knowing the past we understand gift and we prepare in them for the future.