Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch


December 4th, 2013

In if speaking of industry, a clean industry is very difficult, that does not generate some residue, but if the industry is one ' ' badly necessrio' ' we also have the partnership of science in the treatment of the deriving residues of the industrialization processes. Speaking in wiring, residues practically do not exist since the staple fibres can be reprocessadas and reaproveitadas as contained institucional information in the site of the Wiring They are Bento S/A access in 03-12-2010. Already in it would tinturaria is where it exists the residues with bigger toxicity, strategically the treatment of the effluent ones of one would tinturaria finishes turning its main competitive differential therefore who demonstrates commitment with the environment and searchs a production sustainable gains many points in its relation with the consuming market. The reactive corantes, one of the most used in Brazil, react with hidroxila present in natural staple fibres, what it includes the beings livings creature, being able, without adequate treatment to provoke respiratory irritation in the skin and/or ways. Already the azocorantes, that present greater world-wide demand, are potentially cancergenos, had left of being produced in some countries, however the same it did not occur in countries as Brazil, India and Mexico. Many industries if use of process physicist-chemistries (as the coagulation and the precipitation), that they promote the solidification of pollutant substances in order to reduce these problems; followed for biological treatments, mainly the system of activated silts, that consists of the addition of the effluent ones in a tank of aeration, in which they are agitated in the presence of air and microorganisms, promoting the oxidation of the organic substance. This process requires a rigorous control of pH, nutrients and temperature, beyond producing a great volume of silt and not to be capable to degrade all the pollutants, what in this in case that it means ambient a problem not solved, only transferred of a place to another one. .