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Glaucoma Symptoms

April 17th, 2013

Boat your goggles Cure glaucoma in a natural way is has heard of glaucoma and glaucoma symptoms, but what exactly? Symptoms glaucoma is a condition caused by excessive pressure on the eyeballs, sounds painful not?, most people have no idea of having it. Glaucoma is frightening, because when the first symptoms appear, it is already too late to do something about it. Once the downward spiral begins, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Early symptoms of glaucoma are a vision of tunnel, and narrows the field of visibility; This quickly moves to the final stage of glaucoma, which is the constant blindness. The main cause of glaucoma is little circulation in the area of the eyes, clogged ducts, and poor drainage. These symptoms are caused by too much stress, tension, stressful external or too many toxins in the body. The only cure for glaucoma is the medication for stress, or drain the fluid from the eyes, this by meant they are fast breaks, and they can only alleviate the symptoms but do not give solution to the entire problem.

The majority of people will arrive to stay blind; These solutions only prolong the inevitable, lengthen the process, for some time. Glaucoma symptoms, is usually caused by stress and, once it has been diagnosed, the stress does not stop, in the majority of cases, the stress only worsens. Today people are anxious, nervous and fearful of a blindness; fear of the unknown and worry begin to consume their daily lives, only adding more stress and tension in the eyes. At the end, they will be only worsening glaucoma symptoms rather than taking steps to try to solve the problem. Anyone who suffers from glaucoma should seek a specialist medical help, because if it is left undetected it will occur at the very dangerous: a box of permanent blindness. However, you can take steps to cure eye conditions yourself, learning to relax the eyes. Take the time to relax completely before going to sleep. While you’re lying in your bed with your eyes closed, visualize your muscles relaxing, from the head to the toes. Concentrate especially on relaxing the muscles around the eyes (but do not know it is the first time). Complete before falling asleep relaxation will ensure a better break, and a fresh awakening. Symptoms glaucoma or glaucoma and its symptoms may be something scary, but learn to relax your eyes will be a step towards a natural cure for this condition.