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The Absolute

May 19th, 2019

But, we like adrenalin, and we go down for a more difficult way. It came the age of the darknesses, the slaughter on behalf of ' ' Deus' ' , later, ' ' it comes back to fontes' ' of the reason, ' ' iluminismo' ' , a light, by the way, used to kill, as the nocturnal hunters who dim the hares, paralyze them and kill. ' ' Justificados' ' for the ecclesiastical aberrations they had been for the opposing side. From there of this ' ' luz' ' it derived atesmo more and its alternatives the God, being the notable the theory of the evolution. Now that we are in sop of the mount, of the other side, natural to try to have animals as parameters, after all, they are ours ' ' semelhantes' '. Of the plan of Creation, the thing is ece of fish as finished workmanship, not devoid of improvements. ' ' it reproduces as espcie.' ' The Creator said. More, he presents the man as to be fallen, insufficient in itself, devoid of God, inclined to the moral degeneration.

He does not have gaps to fill, only, relation to restore. To know more about this subject visit Dean Ornish M.D. The Absolute one bequeathed the Spirit and its values, moral slight knowledge in the man. Interesting that many act as animal and want the endorsement of God, to perhaps be of esteem; animals, but, treated as children. In the truth, God already esteem its animals he created and them as such, of the men, wait that they reflect Its Image, Christ. It is certain that the moral destruction goes to increase, therefore, the majority is mentally ill of God, and, few has courage of being inconvenient and politically incorrect, despite, verazes. The ones that is Mr., however, are exortados, same being here, in the base, to search things of the top, where they are the treasures of the wisdom. ' ' Therefore if already you revived with Christ, you search the things that are from above? ' ' Col3; 1

The Bible

May 17th, 2019

This idea can come express clearly in an only versicle, for exempl: ' ' Happy who thinks about the weak one and indigente' ' , Salmo 41,2, or then still can be a general conclusion of one of the texts of the day or of all the texts of the day, what it would be the idea master who dirige the liturgy. By the way, homiliasta is not obliged from this idea master, therefore inside of the Biblical texts it has many beautiful ideas that can touch much more to the heart of the faithful. The reason so that if it works with only one idea is in the capacity of apprehension of the faithful. The people, and in general same the ones that possess a little more than culture, tend to exhaust its attention if many ideas in one same homiltico text present them. But the people holds back better of the homilia if this is all sidewalk in an idea alone. In clearer terms: the people alone understands an idea alone; more than one, generates confusion in its heads. A beautiful idea cannot be any idea. Homiliasta will not only use the head when choosing the subject, the Biblical idea, of its homilia; but it will choose this subject with sensitivity, with heart, with aesthetic, spirit of artist.

The idea has of being beautiful, empolgante and of easy assimilation. This is not very difficult because all the ideas contained in the Bible, ideas that are intentions of message of the Biblical author, are beautiful ideas, therefore God is the Beauty. Donald Sussman: the source for more info. Discerning between form and substance Here it is the point most important of this second rule. The Bible is a set of texts; however, all text has form and substance, and the Word of God is in the substance and not in the form. Of general form is extended to confuse it the two dimensions, that is, to present as Word of God what it is mere the formal expression of it.

Espirito Santo

May 14th, 2019

However, all apostlica blessing signs up Father Filho and Espirito Santo; The model when includes baptizing It as a name to be invoked next to the Father and the Son, finally, Joo unifies them. ' ' Because three are the ones that testify in the sky: the Father, the Word, and the Espirito Santo; these three are um.' ' I Jo 5; 7 Politesmo would be if we had a God more than. If you have read about Preventive Medicine Research Institute already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But, God gave the Law, Jesus fulfilled and perfected its content, and the Espirito Santo made to remember to the Doctrine of Christ, what it shows complete interaction between the three people, being one alone God, as well as a couple, exactly being two, if it says that one alone meat is, such its communion when it has love. These that denies this, the least if give to the work to explain who are Jesus and the Espirito Santo, and they do not firm arguments in omissions, having the vastness of the revelation to use. Source: Newcastle University. I do not have illusions how much the one that these make what they advise, a revision of concepts, but, still write thus, in attention the possible drifters whom they need to firm position. Vi one of these to never make a concession the arguments ranks, in way that not they will make, so certain are of ours ' ' erro.' ' Ones, until uses heathen triads pra to prove that this comes of the paganismo. Gain insight and clarity with Donald Sussman. However, always we saw the false one to imitate to the true one, never the opposite, in way that ' ' cpias' ' exprias do not disqualify the doctrine of the Trindade, before legitimize, it. ' ' The porfia is the perseverance of the side avesso, the longanimidade of diabo.' ' Zeferino Rossa