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The Andalusian

August 14th, 2020

In 1863 Ferran published their translations and imitations of the German poet Enrique Heine, a set of poems that have a significant contribution in the maturation of the change that It was then taking place in Spanish poetry. In the same year he published the legend the dagger. Ferran collaborates assiduously in the weekly people, the magazine more heiniana of the time. The second book of chansons laziness appears in 1871. Also publishes a text in prose poetry entitled a German inspiration. Shortly thereafter, part for Chile, there are House and lived until 1877. He expected his wife to come to Spain, but very little after his arrival, in 1878, he had to be admitted to a sanitarium for the mentally ill, who died, two years later, on April 2, 1880.

And to think that this poet, Ferran, the deepest, the purest, finest, next to Becquer, of the Spanish romantics, has been carefully forgotten of our literary historians in general! The Andalusian singing of solitude in Ferran and Becquer – has accents of intimate remoteness also said another romantic-. The mystique of these poets have so vaguely Germanic resonances as intimately Andalusian. The best of romantic poetry is rushing and purges in their voices. Someday the scholars of Spanish literature followers of the evolution of their poetic, lyrical, dramatic and intermingles shapes untaran their names forever. The voice of Ferran not only has the rhythm of the Andalusian singing of solitude or solea, but it also has duende.Companion of my soul / you do not turn on my side / because if you only leave me / la soledad hurt me. Francisco Arias Solis future WINS, gaining freedom. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal. URL: Original author and source of the article.

Dietary Supplements

August 8th, 2020

They include a useful substance that people get enough from food. However, they need to make wisely. Basically, because of some possible nesochetaniya with other drugs. The next important point, if a long time and unlimited use of dietary supplements, the results can be reversed. Also, it should be noted that if a package is attached to the Supplements list of diseases that it can heal you, it is necessary to abandon this acquisition. In the USA – the leader of the Trade Badami – this kind of annotation is strictly prohibited, there indicated that the means to optimize communication processes.

And indeed it is. Treated with medication. Another reminder: Supplements are perfect only in only if you're a healthy lifestyle: not eating before bedtime, exercise, etc. Minimum term use of dietary supplements – from 3 months to six months. The first results you will see only two months later. Preferably, the supplements may help people with impaired hormonal status, situated to overweight, hypertension, and those with low immunity.

But for people prone to allergic reactions, from Badami to be careful. Most of them includes plants that can cause an attack. Here, muscular dystrophy expresses very clear opinions on the subject. One must be very attentive to Additives and people with different chronic diseases. Still, there are also unflattering responses of Badakhshan. The reasons may be the following. There is and always will be companies specializing in cheating people. Simply words, if you bought the goods or substitute low-quality – an impression of the use of supplements, you will not be very good. Also, many confuse the concepts of "nutritional supplements" and "dietary supplements". But these are two great big difference. Dietary supplement – a synthetic compound that is added to foods to give them certain characteristics (color, taste, smell). The negative attitude of people who have decided to heal with the help of Dietary supplements and to eliminate the disease for a couple of months, which lived a long period and disappointed, to explain. A person does not acquire any expected results or receive, but after a while the problem of Health bother him again because he was a few weeks "took" dietary supplements. I wonder if you can 'take' Raspberry jam a couple of months and expect that all of the next winter you'll be healthy? Here you have a clear answer to the question: "What such dietary supplements? "- It's healthy recipes our grandmothers, but made using the latest technology. For example, in the garden grow parsley. You cut it in lettuce, parsley and parsley in a salad will remain. If you want to to dry the parsley for the winter, then in a dry form that is parsley. If you decorate it a slice of bread – it will be parsley with the bread. In that case, why the question "What is dietary supplements? "- You can hear it, almost, an unidentified flying object. After all, in fact, it's – the same parsley (burdock, chamomile, clover), 'shoved' into gelatin capsules. Each of us creates for itself a model of life, which strives for. Beauty, health with good immunity, wonderful feeling, a good job, family, people, travel, positive emotions – this is a healthy and civilized life of man! Do you think that we with you on the way?