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April 12th, 2017

Lights liner, sea (river), wind), a cozy cabin for two, evening outings to the deck, the association with the tear history of the past century (the film "Titanic," remember?) – in the absence of "sea sickness" holiday perfect. So consider and Regina Arthur: "We had a wonderful time, going to a wedding tour by boat along the Volga, looked City and fully partake of the cruise romance. Option Three. Practical. If the newlyweds are planning a future move to the capital of sorts, then it would be nice, using honey Days, to clarify the situation with City-dream.

Asya and Vasya, having decided to move to Moscow, unanimously asked for a favorite aunt as a wedding gift, a ticket to the white-stone. Congress, they say, to explore and to all the friends recounted, as had honey month at the most expensive city in the world. For five days visited museums and exhibitions poohali over prices in gum and Central Department Store, amicably sorted out with the metro. Option Four. Informative. Olya, art, and Nick, a lawyer, agreed on the basis of common love of Salvador Dali. It is logical that immediately after the wedding they went to Spain and thanks to a special tour, which was dedicated to the work of surrealist, visited his house-museum more than once, and walked where liked to be an artist. Option five.

Useful. Nothing is more health, which, as we know, no amount of money can not buy, but because as a variant of the honeymoon, it will approach a ticket to health center – spa resort, or advanced. and Stanislav V., had already met when both went over "retirement" age hell, he was behind divorce, adult son and two granddaughters. She – my daughter and grandson. The wedding was modest, as a wedding gift, the children gave the pair a trip to a sanatorium. Option Six. Active. Oleg, an avid fan of white water rafting, persuaded his bride Oksana immediately after the wedding will go with him another extreme trip. Oksana likes. So the young family appeared a common hobby in general, what would be the sweetest month, depends entirely on the pair. Can frankly get bored in the Canaries, and it is very nice coo in a student dormitory, in preparation for the joint delivery of the session