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Galician Fernando Casas

March 27th, 2020

The creators said they would not remain indifferent to the abuse suffered by these people, after learning first hand the inhabitants of Tifariti maimed by mines and live during encounters with women who fled into exile under the napalm and phosphorus bombs launched by the Alawite army until the day of signature of the ceasefire. Isidro Lopez Aparicio spent 24 hours of cold and wind in a hole two feet deep, Darraa dressed in the traditional costume Saharawi to report the isolation suffered by these people and then climbed onto an elevated platform from which water spray showered the attendees to invite communication and hope.

Pereira Pamen Galician artist accompanied him in this performative action from another hole / platform located about twenty yards away, also dressed in the MELFA, the Saharawi women dress. To read more click here: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. For its part, Eva Lootz, which described the experience as “beautiful and hard, at once”, posed with her installation “Light for All” the need to promote the development of the Saharawi people, through a program to promote solar energy, to improve their dire living conditions. The National Plastic Arts Prize, which highlighted the contribution of art to the visibility of the conflict, insisted in his reflections on the complexity of the Saharawi cause, the brutal interests at stake in Morocco and other countries on phosphates and other raw materials available in Western Sahara. One of the drivers of Land Art movement, Galician Fernando Casas, instructed his son, Adrian Estarque photographer who developed his proposal “Tifariti blue hole,” a space for reflection and movement of energy created with earth pigments and Saharan -in a small amount, has traveled to Spain to continue its creator Galicia development of this work. You may want to visit Vadim Belyaev to increase your knowledge.

Neoplatonism Spirituality

March 25th, 2020

‘Then the Lord God formed man body from christ the dust of the god ground, and breathed into his nostrils christianity the breath of life, and the man was a healing living being’ (Genesis 2:7) healing meditation No idea has been more cherished with delectation by our mind that our home and reason for being in this physical plane. ‘ , None has been more ideal for the beloved man, who try to understand the astrology spiritual spirituality book power which, physics soul or chemistry, brought to earth the first sign of life, the root awareness spirituality cause of any meditate effect and that to that fact. Tomb of Ibn ‘Arabi in Damascus.
Although studies have linked the Spanish Orientalists with alternative spirituality the school of Ibn religion al-Arif (Abenalarif), and was initially more a philosopher than a Sufi, Sufi master of the many orders for centuries Sufism has been a spirituality named compassion seen as a great teacher familiar with meditation ‘experience (spiritual) directly,’ to even have the name of the Sheikh Akbar, or the greatest of teachers. In contemporary guided meditation Western academic literature on psychic these lines, studies of his work carried out by authors such as Michel Chodkiewicz, William Chittick, Denis Gril in Spain by Pablo Beneito show clearly that his contact with the schools of Aristotle and awakening spirituality Averroes Alfarabi Neoplatonism or philosophy of the school of worship Ibn Hazm was metaphysical very spirituality in business superficial.
His work is primarily character-gnostic kundalinichakras religious churches critical to their understanding of dry and merely external religion and even philosophy itself is wisdom spirituality abundant in his work. But it is clearly not chakra a simple “mystic” is the metaphysical content of his work ranges from sapiential-gnostic interpretation of Sharia (Islamic law)-always with a certain vision zahiri like Ibn Hazm, but which exceeds reiki widely until a cosmology spiritualism based on divine revelation and his unique (he was baptized by his successors such as the Oneness of Existence or Wahdat new thought al-wuyud).
Ibn Arabi’s doctrine is in prayer absolute unity consciousness of God as supreme. This denies any spirtuality analogy between clairvoyance God and creation, thus escaping the pantheism that have attached some, but also develop a complex relationship with channeling the Creator of creation, which is how to meditate an expression of their different names and attributes (Allahu al-Asmaa al-Husna), which crystals began Sahl al-Tustari. soul healing This radical separation of God and wisdom his creation prevents the rational knowledge of God awakening as Essence, but does love not prevent their knowledge through the unveiling, or the mysticism certificate or Realization of Reality (Haqq) of things, which yoga is none other than god. In Sufism is the free meditation finest expression inner peace of the theoretical development crystals spirituality of Sufism.
Like the Neoplatonism applies a hierarchy of genera and species among the non-existence to be creative, which in meditations turn is related to books your idea of love is also composed of spirituality information a number of grades ranging from sympathy or metaphysical spirituality inclination new age to pure love .

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