Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch


May 2nd, 2020

when questioned on its evaluation regarding the use of these terms in the relation with the patient. Stories in accordance with gotten, the psychologists evaluate to be basic the use of specific terms of the boarding that act in the relation with the patient, since that have a clarification of these terminologies with the same preventing confusion with the common sense. ' ' With certainty if it uses many characteristic lingusticos terms of the performance boarding, therefore these terms translate the concepts of this theory, and when working with the patient, you it needs to answer or to interpret the content brought for this through the referencial terico' ' (Psychoanalytic). ' ' Of basic importance, therefore some terminologies are impregnated of felt in the common sense, thus some words can pass a different position of that proposal for abordagem' ' (Humanist). ' ' I evaluate that many times when presenting, in the clinic, some terminology, is necessary to effect a conceptual or exactly metafrico clarification; in this way, one is gotten clearer, coesa and productive communication to the therapeutical process. Valley to detach that some terminologies lack, yes, of necessary clarifications, in special preventing interpretations next to the common sense, and unproductive to the advance clnico' ' (Comportamentalista). Each boarding possesss a specific terminology that characterizes the way to understand the human being and consequentemente the form to help it that differentiates each boarding, this variability of terms elapses of the historical process, that in accordance with Schultz; Schultz (2005), Psychology was submitted and received influence from other scientific areas. A general characterization of the main used terms in each boarding is based from this historical process. ven P Rosenthal Northland offer more in-depth analysis. The second category of analysis has as intention to describe a general characterization of the lingusticos terms of the main boardings. In the psicanaltica boarding the main lingusticos terms pointed by the psychologists of this boarding in the sample had been: mechanism of defense, unconscious, neurosis, desires, castration, repression, souvenirs of the past, and transference.