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Fertility Tips

December 8th, 2013

He is quite simple to find out what day you can be pregnant woman, you only must be kind to some tracks that will indicate the moment to you of the ovulation. First that you must do it is to control the duration of your menstrual cycles, that is to say, to observe the amount of days that pass between the beginning of a menstruation and the beginning of the following one. If your cycles are regular, that is to say, last the same amount of days approximately always, in order to calculate the moment of the ovulation you must reduce 14 to the length of your cycles. For example, if you have cycles of 28 days, the ovulation happens day 14 of the cycle. This it is a good day to be pregnant woman, but also they are both previous fertile days at the time of the ovulation. If your shorter cycles are something, of 25 days for example, the ovulation will be happening day 11 of the cycle. And if they are longer, for example of 30 days, the ovulation happens day 16. It remembers that both days previous to the ovulation also are fertile, since the spermatozoa survive in the uterine atmosphere up to 48 or 72 hs in good conditions for the fertilization.

Normal cycles among 21 and 35 days are considered. If yours they are shorter or longer, you must consult your doctor. In case you have irregular menstrual cycles, of different amount from days every month, you will not be able to calculate the best day to be embarrassed by the method of the calendar. Then you will have to be kind to other indicators that indicate the moment of the ovulation. For example, if you every day control the basal temperature of your body, before levantarte, you will see that in certain day the temperature raises 0,5C. This indicates that the ovulation is about to happen, so you are in your fertile days. In addition, you can verify the presence of a special, colorless and viscous flow vaginal like clear of egg. The presence of this flow also indicates the proximity of the moment of the ovulation.

Finally, you can buy in the pharmacy a test that detects it is present at of hormone LH in the urine. If the test is positive, calls to your pair, because it is hour to put hands to the work. If you want to be pregnant of totally natural form within 60 days, without concerning your age, you do Click Here.