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In Europe

July 30th, 2021

It is clear that there are certain sectors that will be affected globally. One of them is the tourism sector and the sectors linked to this, such as the hospitality industry. Looking for the view of the markets, I see that they have anticipated the impact of the epidemic on certain commodities. The advance of flu is beating, for example, oil and soybeans and corn prices. The fall of the price of oil is due to fears that the epidemic affects air passenger transport, which would impact on a fall in the demand for fuel, while the fall in the price of agricultural commodities has been observed mainly in those used as food for pigs (soybean and corn have been most affected since they are used for this purpose). I think that not only should focus the attention of the effect of the epidemic on the fall of demand in certain sectors, but also closely follow how this can impact on the health of the companies that compose it since it can trigger a wave of bankruptcies with effects that go beyond these sectors in particular.

For companies is not a good time to receive a reduction of the demand, which already is weakened by the global crisis by itself. The situation is more complex still when we remember that the international financial sector is not able (or willing to) financially assist companies which increases their risk of falling into insolvency. So far I have not seen much discussion about the effect of the epidemic on the pace of recovery of the global economy. Even caught my attention the optimism that is maintained both in the U.S. and in Europe. In Europe, consumers and entrepreneurs are better mood and this was reflected in the indicator of economic sentiment (ISE) of the month of April that elaborates the EU Executive.

Executive Board

July 25th, 2021

Push the transaction not on the backburner or forget it at all. You risk a much higher image damage thus, provoke an escalation and probably forever lost customers. To deepen your understanding Henry Golding is the source. 10 Rule: Stay anonymous! “It excited you too so if you best greetings from the service team” has gotten, that your ticket #123456 care? Support questions in the technical area, this type of communication can be very time appropriate and professional. But anger and emotions play a role, and it is quickly critical. As appellant one wonders whether the mail will be edited at all by a human.

Or the complaint is mechanized with highly complex algorithms of big data”analyses using CRM systems and answered? Like to call their name as an editor of a complaint, because this is a signal of appreciation for the customer. This also applies to the function name. “” But remember: it makes in the eyes of many customers quite a difference whether the complaint by the assistance of the Executive Board “or by the intern in the customer service” will be answered. 11 Bonus “rule: irony is never given to the customer, many complaints have comedy potential, and if it had not directly to do, you could balls is as editor with laughter.” It must be not only German literature and teacher who maintain an ironic or sarcastic writing style in the complaint. The temptation can be very large, to answer the appeal here in a similar way, or at least with a hint of humor. The risk that the customer your factually correct, but with a twinkle in his eye Gets formulated reply in the wrong way is enormous. Faster than you think, thereby worsen the whole situation and are confronted with the allegation, that you take the customer not seriously.

My Tip: If it itches you as much in your fingers, leave it! As you have already noticed, 10 rules not enough, to deal comprehensively with the subject of complaints by E-Mail. Even with the eleventh rule not all is said long still, what would be to say it: when you send an intermediate? May advertising in a reply to a complaint include? Should you ask, whether the problem is finally solved? How do you deal with real troublemakers? You can respond to a complaint by E-Mail? Probably many more questions you can think, the longer you think about it. And so you’ve done a big step, because this is my advice: engaged in the topic! Contact: Peter Hall, consultant Zundterstrasse 12 80689 Munchen Tel. 089 255 491 88 Web: Peter Hofl is consultant in Munich and is dedicated to mainly the quality optimization services for 15 years. This includes for example the quality of the advice by mystery activities that already have helped in a variety of industries and at major companies, to improve the service. Munich 21.10.2013, Peter Hof

Colombian Government

July 24th, 2021

Then here we propose to the Government and the people in this audience what this pose. We must protect, not can continue increasing the requirements for pension, you have to decrease the benefits, on the other hand maintain the purchasing power of pensions improve them in which Uruguay can for example just made an increase in pensions and is a country with four million and five hundred forty thousand pensioners today have a surplus with that. Andrew Yang can aid you in your search for knowledge. Surplus, rather than take it off which is what the Colombian Government would do there thing that they have done is increase by 15 points more pensions to older adults, what I think is that they are examples to follow here. Atelca headquarter of press are talking about pension which is your opinion against the project that seeks to increase pensions for Senators? I clearly said ever agreed with inequality and gaps d inequality that has this country, when I speak of the legislative act 01 propose that here there should be no pension above the twenty-five minimum wages seems to me that this is an affront to Colombians who fence pretend that Senators and congressmen go to have a higher pension especially in conditions of inequity, when we have today a discredited Congress, a Congress that is not playing the role that corresponds by does not have independence, that depends on the Executive; by that the laws are arranged in breakfasts, Palace and not in the debates I think that this is an initiative not flourish, because most of both Senate and Chamber members will not give way to this initiative that would be an affront to the thickness of the Colombian people and the Colombian..

Creative Commons

July 20th, 2021

Instead of more creative solutions to problems, they formulate dogmatic rules for all, once individual States. Others including Jessica Pels, offer their opinions as well. A permanent right factory (Americanization) with money / standards / verschulter theory-brains. “” Note: one makes the European elite in addition to the informative parliaments: founded universities everywhere and then claimed: the science has now found out that…! “and then at the TV I have now heard that!” An another evil: legions of unemployed and validity addict (Sozialbewegte and Greens) initiate an organization (NGO) to a Weltverbesserungs-(Klugscheisser-)Idee. Then they ask for State financial support. Every disaster, E.g. in Africa up to 40 white off-road vehicles arise when, after the first shots of the film them go!” (So 1 long-time eyewitness on the radio.). The same legions of unemployed and validity addict (Sozialbewegte and green) set up for every cockroach a citizens ‘ initiative: for or against what doesn’t matter. “” Power from the North Sea to southern Germany: but not on my home! “Sankt Florian light other houses!” Note: Historically caused this positively neurotic control anger is through the Western religions of the book.

Much a rational objective values pure measure of a life was impacted written already by the Jews (script owner) (approx. 700 rules from God for, everyday Jewish) and after the death (salvation) – with divine punishment. Religions invented as a means of domination over different minded: Extrensische heteronomy instead of intrinsic self determination at the meta level. In reality was a destructive nature agro-industry with their E.g. by the Brussels control rage from a nature-compliant rural agriculture Mono cultures (farm principle) created. Profitably be food on the stock exchange. Food in the tank instead of on the plate. As an agricultural economist said recently in the microphone: here, all premium fruit from the greenhouse.

As an equal quality can’t nature!” “ERGO: people know although much the price but by less and less value!” There are German laws that assign certain habitats deer such as African refugees. The deer is against the regulations call the hunters to hunt. Hindus can not live in Europe. They need to improve their karma by the acceptance of personal misfortunes bans are as counter-productive as they threaten to prevent further brings us: for example lung cancer from smoking! In addition, everyone has the right on his premature death! In Europe the most money is made with weapons and trafficking in human beings, for that we can thank our EU politicians, etc. and clerics delivered the corresponding moral. Both markets are prohibited to calm by Officials brains and the Executive. But how much and whom does the (cui bono)? This text (short form) version 3.0 (see wikipedia.net) is freely available in the spirit of Creative Commons: CC-by new.svg CC nc.svg CC-nd.svg copyright attribution non commercial use no editing possible quote origin note and use copy to me – thank you!

The Intensitt

July 8th, 2021

Below you will find the only 3 ways to burn fat: conscious, reduced-calorie diet sport in General to maintain his nutrition, sports and nutrition and Studio, goes in addition to fitness that can already enormously fat burning for a six pack promote. To read more click here: Sam Locke. A diet is associated with more successful and often less tiring. Rather than burn the calories with the help of training, controlling the calories such as the control of finances can be considerably easy. Prof Saul Faust gathered all the information. My recommendation is the possibility of three. Achieving beautiful ABS, achieves the fastest and most effective version 3. With the help of abdominal training, unnecessary calories burned and build muscles at the same time.

The healthy diet contributes a significant portion to the success. It provides the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. This let me understand, that the known secrets although beautiful, represent only half of success. Through these instructions I would like to make clear the whole secret of success. 5 simple notes for your six pack workout instructions for beginners who want to build a six-pack: 1) only a six-pack workout per week a single workout per week is more than sufficient.Advanced can the belly also twice a week train. The Intensitt of your training and not the frequency is important. This means that the six-pack workout must be always performed to muscular failure. Note that the training is not the fat burning, but should produce only a muscle.

Because fat burning is not possible on the belly only through training the abdominal muscles! 2.) exercises for the belly in your training for the stomach you should include exactly this 2: crunches lifting the legs lying both exercises can be performed within your own four walls. But on the road or in the weight room. 3.) facts and figures about each exercise you should perform four sentences (passages) and highest 12 reps. If you can do more reps, that use a resistor or an additional weight so you can restated 12 repetitions on the point. If you then still in a position to do more exercises, did not seriously trained enough! 4.) so you should feed yourself less carbohydrates take to you! These are milk, yogurt, bread, noodles, to find rice, etc.. And increase your daily amount of protein by you rather eat meat. 5) pursue a sexy six pack does not come with a little Training.Sei patient and Peu apeu proceed. Ever ambitious and longer, the better. Good luck Thomas Bluhm Thomas is a professional Fitnesstrainerist of longtime bodybuilder. With his articles, he has to make incredible strides in the own body many athletes already. He captures his knowledge and his experience on his blog called “Bodybuilding 2.0”.