Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

The SMS On The Internet

May 29th, 2017

Free SMS on the Web are becoming more popular even on the World Wide Web, it is possible to send SMS to mobile phones. Here it settles a SMS account, so to speak, on which then the answers are on the short message, and already you can send SMS for example, 0.10 euro. If you would like to use any Internet number as sender, then mostly also the opportunity to save his own mobile number so that you can select them with the result that the recipient of the SMS then the mobile number as the sender appears, as the sender has which then also the respective response is sent. Of course is a little complicated, first to switch on the PC, to call the provider and ultimately to send the message, however, it is a good way if staying anyway, much to the PC or no money but also has more on the prepaid card, so that you could send anyway no SMS with your mobile phone. On the Internet there is also the opportunity provider find, offer free SMS.

Here you can buy then either package of a few free SMS in the form of an SMS, or but you will even receive messages at no cost a certain number given, for example, each month (for example 150 free SMS a month at the provider Hallo.de). This, for example, occurs occasionally with free email providers, providing a so to speak will also free SMS in a monthly number available as bonus. This however only in conjunction with an email accounts has to be open. Also, if you have a landline and Internet access at the leading German provider, you have the possibility to automatically set email accounts SMS to send. This is however not in free form, but at a discounted price, for example, is 0.14 euro. After all, still 0.05 euros cheaper than at an SMS on your mobile phone. Kerstin Becker

The Messenger Of Life

May 2nd, 2017

My outlook on life is completely holistic, so I live each day perfecting One of my weaknesses, the love, devotion and dedication to spirituality coupled with another weakness, being alone, takes me to periods of isolation, very rich and giving greater stability to my emotional life, but I do not I forget that life is out and it is also necessary to be in it. The priorities of life, are currently: complete formal studies that I’m doing, ie master’s and diploma, restarting on its own and more formal, disciplined and thorough clinical practice in holistic health, obviously, from the continuity of my spiritual development, re-reading of expertise to achieve an excellent grasp of the theoretical and methodological, along with continuing talks to teachers, students and all anyone interested in holistic education. I must clarify that the primary purpose of this approach is learning well in the order given to me over the mastery, mental clarity, the way has helped me to integrate all his knowledge, as it has enriched and purified, also putting order. It’s definitely shared well that this would alleviate much pain it causes me suffering of others.

Same, and one of the objectives of seeking to manage “the right and reversed” this approach is to understand the process of mastery, I lived very rich, but the process has been invisible, I would like to make it visible, I enjoy the results, however I can not answer the question which has been the most memorable meeting or greater spiritual light, they are all glorious and of great spiritual clarity, even in those in which I call awareness sessions straw, have been a little wider , understanding conceptual, methodological, I’ve worked hard, especially because everything that was, in every Messenger, every session in person, invariably first go in, I have to live it and integrate it into what is already there, sometimes occurs automatically, sometimes not, I have to regurgitate and ruminate a while until is integrated, I’m slowly but surely.