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North American

March 31st, 2017

Some things exist had deeply bothered that me in the last weeks. First, to have seen a declaration completely dull of the Lulu singer Saints, in the program of the Hebe Camargo, regarding a news article on the convivncia between a Brazilian and an Arab. Later, the confirmation of that in day 11/04, the law would enter in vigor in France that forbids the Islamic women to use burca in public places. After that, to have heard of a commentator in the TV that the burning of the Coro for a North American shepherd does not represent a lack of respect with the Muslen. See Preventive Medicine Research Institute for more details and insights. Finally, the attempt of some medias to associate the psychotic shooter that killed 12 adolescents in a school of Royal with the religion of Maom. They are four completely independent events, but that they are leagued in aspect: the preconception against that he is Arab-Islamic.

In the first case, the picture of the program of the RedeTV until me seemed interesting. One was about an exchange of experiences between a Carioca woman in visit to a country Islamic (I do not remember which) and vice it turns. Dean Ornish M.D: the source for more info. I attended as. The Muslim woman, followed of its mother and with all the typical clothes of its culture, covered the Carioca Lapa and sambdromo, beyond knowing the church of the Candelria. Already she was of if waiting that the estranhamento would be enormous and that it had critical of the women to the customs ' ' mundanos' ' of the Brazilian people (alcoholic beverage, bundas and chests jumping etc). Nothing very different of what the Carioca had made when she visits the country Islamic (as she gave pra to perceive in some flashes of the previous program). In the commentaries, Hebe and Lulu Saints they had been extremely coarse with the Muslim culture, with as arriving to speak it repulses that it of the mother of the girl to look at what happened in sambdromo if it had to a subconscious and restrained desire of if delivering to the pleasures of the life.


March 30th, 2017

Lemon Tree (Citrus limonum) originates in India, reached a maximum height of six meters, with leaves and small white flowers perennial with tiny pink tap known as hazards that give a beautiful visual image and sweetly fragrant smell. The fruit contains a good dose of vitamins A, B and C, is prepared with juice drink Lemonade is known as one of the most popular in the world for its delicious taste fresh at all comfortable, easy and economical than that is its preparation. Highly correlated with oil Lima (Citrus aurantifolia) and Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) Lemon essential oil has an aroma completely familiar with all key refreshing, clean and invigorating very similar to the smell of fresh fruit. Because the high temperatures could destroy some of its aroma characteristic, the method of obtaining the essential oil by cold pressing the peel of fresh lemons and that this process will preserve most of their qualities and properties. Go to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more information. Aromatherapy Although this oil has been used mostly as a component fragrant soaps, cosmetics, toilet waters and perfumes as well as flavoring in soft drinks and Alcohol, is actually one of the most essential oils are bactericidal capacity which gives a high potential in clinical Aromatherapy.

Traditionally it has been very popular in Spain and other European countries as a "cure", especially for treating infectious diseases and fevers for its bactericidal and antimicrobial properties. Dr. Valnet established that the essential oil of lemon in vaporizers or diffusers can eliminate AERUS staphylococcus, bacillus of typhoid, pneumococcus and the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. For its ability to clarify ideas, improve concentration and help in decision making is also known as oil rational, it is said that Japan is used in diffusers in banks to reduce their mistakes employees to work. Lemon essential oil is excellent to counteract the medicinal aroma of some oils such as Tea Tree and Eucalyptus produced by combining a mixture of pleasant aroma and clean.

The Legend

March 29th, 2017

Man of fiber but with children to create, preferred to leave for who had more courage. Infuriated, the Fulgncio boasted that it would not go to leave the thing as was, and assumed the police station. From there, poisoned Epaminondas died. We early knew of its craze of spoon the first orange that was to the reach of the hand and to make a juice, of morning. Sage of this, was sufficiently to apply the poison with a syringe of injection in the orange that was next to the door of the kitchen and to wait that it was harvested early or late.

Unhappyly, it was very early. The Fulgncio, temperamental and destemido, received a phone call and were found with the body riddled of bullets in front of its house, when it left to go to the meeting of the mysterious communicator. _ A doubt, Mr. Mayor, if all in the city if know, or at least they seem to know itself, why the voice is not identified and why had not heard the shots that had killed the commission agent? _ Is commented that the Epaminondas did not identify the voice because seemed of a duck, very fanhosa, and the weapon was armed of silencer. For these reasons it is that I come to supplicate the V. ex. that it orders a tried commission agent, if not a police force that goes to fight against a ghost, can be said inexistent. _ Mr.

Mayor, which would be the reason, which would be the cause of these crimes? _ Is There, Excellency, the problem. It swims we have that it justifies these deaths. We are people pacatas that we modestly live of the culture of the beans, maize, rice, cassava, creating pigs and hens. More supplied they possess cows, but in perfect harmony, not to be for the CURSE OF the LEGEND _ CURSE OF THE LEGEND! That legend? _ At the time of the settling, the bandeirantes had found very prosperous an aboriginal tribe in the place where today our young ones if congregate in picnic, to the foot of an enormous chestnut tree, that was the preferred place of the chieftain if to seat, in advice, with its people.

Do Well In Interviews

March 22nd, 2017

"Callate!" a was listening to the playback of audio from an interview I did with my friend Moira, and I wanted to scream. I turned off the "noise" and called Moira. "We have to get back to this interview. I can not send it. " Moira, being the nice person he is, agreed. (Apor luck!) To reschedule the interview and I went to work.

What did not work? What is my story? Was too little prepared? What I said in other interviews that have worked? Volvo to set the stage and rerecorded the second show. a After doing so I was not much better. (I sent the recording anyway). a What happened? The content was good. This is what I teach. It's what I do. Why this interview does not work? Our chemistry is not appearing. Then I realized …

Moira and I had an appointment incompatible. The two were in the same role. Two heroes talking about my business. It did not work. a competing branches without realizing it. I was hoping that the interview was in some way, but it was not. Did not flow. It was fun. Moira was the appropriate hero. I was not. Moira was the hostess. She made the plan. I was the guest who behaved roughly (it was not intentional). When I was single I used to not respect my appointments in the same way. I thought the topics to talk about over dinner beforehand. Rehearsed stories that entertain during dessert.

Oliveira Rasps

March 19th, 2017

If it does not arrest in the proper trap. The fact to place in the exterior world the responsibility for its amarguras, beyond not brightening up its pain, does not take off it the responsibility for the life that is taking a bitterness letter – Shayeny Pieroni a bitterness kissed took me account of me. Eye as if everything were bitter taste, breathe as if everything was lost. I feel the heat of one day agoniante Today I do not want to believe nothing, am fragile to accept any thing, am with fear Nothing I make today me to smile, who make I could me I left to smile me to suffer, I embedded myself, for today do not look at me, do not only speak with me. I did not find no remedy, does not exist no remedy All my good memory had been broken, are not more being so happy thus It is confortante to close the eyes and to dream, to dissimulate, if to delude with its more interior desires Please it has waked up nobody me, please! I am suffering for one I hug But to feel that sensation not to be alone, the protection heat Ah! As many things that it would like to feel now! I only feel the heat of my blanket, light launched of air passing for it, my tears draining my face and wetting my pillow, my heart in a pain mixture, and my bed to sink makes look like, I is feeling me my body to fall, until where? Please It saves me of this immense desperation, does not allow that my heart if drowns in this agonioso and torturoso intense sea, at this moment of bitterness! It thinks! Who surpasses the bitterness, surpasses itself without being exactly surpassed.

To reflect: ' ' One becomes lago' '. Cardiologist describes an additional similar source. (unknown author) ' ' The old Master asked for to a sad young that colocasse' '. A full hand of salt in one cup d' water and drank. – ' ' Which is the taste? ' ' the Master asked. – ' ' Ruim' ' the apprentice said. The Master smiled and asked for to the young that caught another full hand of salt and led to a lake. The two had walked in silence and the young played the salt in the lake, then the old one said: – ' ' gua&#039 drinks a little of this; '.

While the water drained of the chin of the young, the Master asked: – ' ' Which is the taste? ' ' – ' ' Good! ' ' the youngster said. – ' ' You feel the taste of the salt? ' ' The Master asked. – ' ' No' ' it said the young. – The Master then seated to the side of the young, caught its hand and said: – ' ' Pain in the life of a person is inevitable. But the flavor of pain depends on we place where it. Then, when you to suffer, the only thing that you must make are to increase the perception of the good things that you have in the life. It leaves of being a cup. Dr Claude de Oliveira Rasps? psychologist email: c_lima_psico@ yahoo.com.br hotmail: blog:

Symptoms Of Bad Breath

March 18th, 2017

Bad taste in the mouth?, this can be one of the clearest symptoms of bad breath to determine that a person has this terrible evil. To know more about this subject visit Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. The symptoms of bad breath are generated by a bad brushing, problems in the liver, poor diet or smoking, bad breath can appear, but, equally important even as the causes, are, the symptoms of bad breath. Take a quick and lasting solution, or a long and effective can be paths to choose depending on the moment the place and the time you have at the time of detecting at least one of the symptoms of bad breath. But do we know that you have an unpleasant breath? Some of the symptoms of bad breath, will say it! Halitosis or bad breath, is a diagnostic dental in which the mouth expels an unpleasant odor that can be between the smell of feces and the onion. Any of the aromas that occur when you have bad breath are extremely unpleasant, and in addition to causing worthwhile, it is an element that causes decertification in undertaking a conversation within the social relations. The causes can be many, and very easy to follow, treatments but before determining how to act, you should know what are the symptoms of bad breath.

To know what are the symptoms of bad breath, it is important to clarify that more good bad breath is a symptom of other diseases, so if you suffer from liver is you may be facing a halitosis. Symptoms of bad breath even though he is says that it is extremely difficult to determine for yourself that you have bad breath, this disease is so terribly obvious to anyone who has symptoms of bad breath will be has that the people who surround him incomodaran by odor. One of the symptoms of the most common bad breath is to present a whitish to yellowish color on the tongue, this cause mainly poor brushing, teeth aren’t the only ones that clean when you start oral hygiene, the tongue should be brushed gently and effectively until it presents its natural pink color. Spots on the tongue are symptoms of bad breath, because these are bacterial plaque that sits there producing disease. Now the bad smell of the mouth can be measured through a halimetro, which electronically identifies any signs of bad breath.

What this device does is a reading of the gases produced by waste in the language. It is said that using this technique is very expensive, but it is an investment that is worth doing to identify in time this terrible disease. Sometimes the odor in the mouth is so strong and evident that the same person who suffers from it can perceive symptoms through the flavor that emanates from the mouth. That bad smell that is seen sometimes in the mouth is a symptom that actually are has that smell, i.e. that the person suffers from halitosis. If you discover through these symptoms of bad breath, best thing you can do is consult a dentist or begin a treatment on their own.

Social Development

March 13th, 2017

According to information of the medias of mass, Brazil was recognized as reference in the combat to the hunger and the poverty, during the meeting of cupola of Organization of United Nations (ONU), carried through in day 21 and 22 of September of 2010 in New York, to deal with the Objectives of Development of Milnio (ODM). In the Government of president Lus Incio Lula da Silva (Squid 2002-2010), it had persistence in reducing the extreme poverty 25% of the existing total in 1990 and to finish with the hunger up to 2015. The country gained prominence for creating a program of income transference that it aimed at to attenuate the poverty and to finish with the hunger in the country, one them bigger challenges to be reached for the public politics in the country. As information of the press room the minister of the Social Development and Combat to the Hunger, Mrcia Lopes to if reporting in the meeting of United Nations, in day 20 of September of 2010 in New York said that: ' ' More than 20 million people had left the extreme poverty, more than 32 million migraram of classroom D for the C, what it means access the consumption, but also the citizenship and participao' '. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Professor Roy Taylor has to say. Although it has the recognition of that through the Program Stock market Family, many families had left the line of the extreme poverty, the analyses of the point of view macro allow to say that the changes are pparently minimum, in virtue of the discontinuity of the actions, the focalizao and the absence of a methodology that promotes the development.

The national secretary of Income of Citizenship of the MDS, Modest Lcia, presented the results reached for the Stock market Family for a society more less different joust and. According to Lcia ' ' In less than seven years, the program, that takes care of 12,7 million families and more than transfers to R$ 1,2 billion for month, she was the responsible one for 21% of the reduction of the inaquality between 2004 and 2006 and represents an average addition of 48% in the income of beneficirios' '. Responsible in the execution of the Program the Stock market Family they reveal confident with the social impacts reached by the benefit of income transference. But we must understand if these changes are pautadas in an education of quality, in a health attendance efficient, in an adequate feeding or they are only looking for to brighten up the social problems.

Hendaye Tourist Office

March 10th, 2017

created by the Hendaye Tourist Office presents all the facets of the famous Basque seaside city. Among other things, you can find therein all tourist information to make a true virtual tour of Hendaye. Visitors can, in particular, discover the possibilities of accommodation in situ (hotels, residences, camping, furnished rentals, guest rooms) to better organize their future stays. Each tab is associated with a description, photographs and a contact to make it easier. Marine such heading, shows Hendaye on the Atlantic Ocean side with magnificent photographs of the beach of Hendaye, the detailed presentation of the proposed nautical activities (surf, body-board, diving, surfing, kayaking, jet-ski, sailing). Esselstyn Jr.. To deepen your understanding Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is the source. Each tab lists all contacts in situ to better prepare your stay.

The Marina and the Centre of Thalassotherapy in Hendaye are subject of a presentation apart under this same heading. In the tab authentic pleasures the surfer discovers a detailed presentation of everything that makes the charm of the Basque coast, namely the heritage and history, gastronomy, folklore and, of course, all trails walk in the sector. A continuously updated calendar presents the future important moments throughout the year. The website of the Tourist Office also proposes stays turnkey offerings with online booking. These placements that are presented by subject (surf, talasso, wellness, catamaran) are organised during a weekend or a week.

Finally, Web page presents tourist information about the Basque region, as well as practical information on transport, the possibility of downloading interactive maps the Hendaye tourist office is labelizada tourism & handicap since August 2007. In 2009, Tourism Office expects to obtain the labelizacion quality tourism. CONTACT: M.

The Deficiency

March 10th, 2017

Many families, unconsciously and for influence of the prejudiced thought of the society, keep its son far from the social conviviality, leaving it isolated in the familiar environment. Using for this an surrounding stimulant, lover. (CYRENO, 2007; PRIOSTE, 2006). With the birth of a child with Syndrome of Down, the parents feel the weight of social, first preconception stops with proper them and later in relation to the child. as reaction, will present negative affection to its son as: rejection, shame, anger, penalty leaving it plain it second, thus living I fight it for the idealized son, arriving many times to renegar it. Feeling itself also guilty for generating a son with deficiency.

Presenting a discredit in the potentialities of the son, overwheling it as incapable. All these negative feelings harm the social, emotional and cognitivo growth of the child. (WEDGE, 2003). On the other hand, the superprotection also harms, and very, this growth. A time that when superprotecting it the parents are denying the right to become citizen, treating it as incapable, a perpetual child or even though as an invalid (RASP, 2002; PRIOSTE, 2006). The relation of the parents will positively influence the acceptance of the child with Syndrome of negative Down or, depending on as they are emotionally. Contributing in the same one ratio in the development of the child.

(PRIOSTE, 2006). The people with deficiency are vitimadas by this preconception, this ' ' doena' ' that quiet it makes one I ruin in its lives, summarizing them it its deficiency. What it is stigma? The stigma is not present in the person, much less in the deficiency that it comes to present. Stigma is more than swims what the fruit of the social relations. The people tend to see the different one to the established standards social, as incomplete, impure, incapable, reducing it its difference, not seeing it in its totality, that is, not to see it as a person.

TDA Children

March 7th, 2017

To have a definition, it was from the decade of 50 that the one concept was structuralized ' ' syndrome hipercintica' ' , that is, the hiperatividade together with inatenao, impulsiveneness and other symptoms start to constitute, in the interior of the medicine, a passvel clinical entity of a medicamentoso treatment. The use is spread out of drugs in the treatment of the TDA/H, with base only in the empirical construction of that some children improved with the use of calmantes and others presented, paradoxicalally, improvements with drugs stimulants. Although innumerable studies on the hiperatividade and of all technological advance of the medicine, if did not obtain to detect no organic alteration, either in the electro encefalograma, the rays-x of skulls, the ultrassonografia, or same in the computerized cat scan. This fact took the change of the concept of injury for disfuno, that is, is not plus an anatomical alteration, but without minimum alterations in the cerebral function, with repercussions specifies on the behavior of the child. One notices that the Minimum Cerebral Disfuno is the concept that has more acceptance before the society. From these information, they had started to appear publications that contradict accepted affirmations already. It had some questionings on the use of drugs in the treatment of these children.

As BRAZILIAN TREE (1985) children with hiperatividade is that one that presents an inadequate behavior, as fidgets, difficulties of concentration, does not stop the same seated for much time in place, aggressiveness and bad income in pertaining to school tasks, anxiety, low tolerance, etc. These developments neuropsicomotores would compose the DCM and its some synonymous ones. These children, according to model I medicate, will have trends to present social problems, having possibility more accented to start to use drugs as alcohol, for example. With a didactics and a pedagogical action the professor can integrate the necessities specifies of the hiperativo, brightening up aggressive behaviors by means of other pedagogical actions. .