Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

The Legend

March 29th, 2017

Man of fiber but with children to create, preferred to leave for who had more courage. Infuriated, the Fulgncio boasted that it would not go to leave the thing as was, and assumed the police station. From there, poisoned Epaminondas died. We early knew of its craze of spoon the first orange that was to the reach of the hand and to make a juice, of morning. Sage of this, was sufficiently to apply the poison with a syringe of injection in the orange that was next to the door of the kitchen and to wait that it was harvested early or late.

Unhappyly, it was very early. The Fulgncio, temperamental and destemido, received a phone call and were found with the body riddled of bullets in front of its house, when it left to go to the meeting of the mysterious communicator. _ A doubt, Mr. Mayor, if all in the city if know, or at least they seem to know itself, why the voice is not identified and why had not heard the shots that had killed the commission agent? _ Is commented that the Epaminondas did not identify the voice because seemed of a duck, very fanhosa, and the weapon was armed of silencer. For these reasons it is that I come to supplicate the V. ex. that it orders a tried commission agent, if not a police force that goes to fight against a ghost, can be said inexistent. _ Mr.

Mayor, which would be the reason, which would be the cause of these crimes? _ Is There, Excellency, the problem. It swims we have that it justifies these deaths. We are people pacatas that we modestly live of the culture of the beans, maize, rice, cassava, creating pigs and hens. More supplied they possess cows, but in perfect harmony, not to be for the CURSE OF the LEGEND _ CURSE OF THE LEGEND! That legend? _ At the time of the settling, the bandeirantes had found very prosperous an aboriginal tribe in the place where today our young ones if congregate in picnic, to the foot of an enormous chestnut tree, that was the preferred place of the chieftain if to seat, in advice, with its people.

Do Well In Interviews

March 22nd, 2017

"Callate!" a was listening to the playback of audio from an interview I did with my friend Moira, and I wanted to scream. I turned off the "noise" and called Moira. "We have to get back to this interview. I can not send it. " Moira, being the nice person he is, agreed. (Apor luck!) To reschedule the interview and I went to work.

What did not work? What is my story? Was too little prepared? What I said in other interviews that have worked? Volvo to set the stage and rerecorded the second show. a After doing so I was not much better. (I sent the recording anyway). a What happened? The content was good. This is what I teach. It's what I do. Why this interview does not work? Our chemistry is not appearing. Then I realized …

Moira and I had an appointment incompatible. The two were in the same role. Two heroes talking about my business. It did not work. a competing branches without realizing it. I was hoping that the interview was in some way, but it was not. Did not flow. It was fun. Moira was the appropriate hero. I was not. Moira was the hostess. She made the plan. I was the guest who behaved roughly (it was not intentional). When I was single I used to not respect my appointments in the same way. I thought the topics to talk about over dinner beforehand. Rehearsed stories that entertain during dessert.

TDA Children

March 7th, 2017

To have a definition, it was from the decade of 50 that the one concept was structuralized ' ' syndrome hipercintica' ' , that is, the hiperatividade together with inatenao, impulsiveneness and other symptoms start to constitute, in the interior of the medicine, a passvel clinical entity of a medicamentoso treatment. The use is spread out of drugs in the treatment of the TDA/H, with base only in the empirical construction of that some children improved with the use of calmantes and others presented, paradoxicalally, improvements with drugs stimulants. Although innumerable studies on the hiperatividade and of all technological advance of the medicine, if did not obtain to detect no organic alteration, either in the electro encefalograma, the rays-x of skulls, the ultrassonografia, or same in the computerized cat scan. This fact took the change of the concept of injury for disfuno, that is, is not plus an anatomical alteration, but without minimum alterations in the cerebral function, with repercussions specifies on the behavior of the child. One notices that the Minimum Cerebral Disfuno is the concept that has more acceptance before the society. From these information, they had started to appear publications that contradict accepted affirmations already. It had some questionings on the use of drugs in the treatment of these children.

As BRAZILIAN TREE (1985) children with hiperatividade is that one that presents an inadequate behavior, as fidgets, difficulties of concentration, does not stop the same seated for much time in place, aggressiveness and bad income in pertaining to school tasks, anxiety, low tolerance, etc. These developments neuropsicomotores would compose the DCM and its some synonymous ones. These children, according to model I medicate, will have trends to present social problems, having possibility more accented to start to use drugs as alcohol, for example. With a didactics and a pedagogical action the professor can integrate the necessities specifies of the hiperativo, brightening up aggressive behaviors by means of other pedagogical actions. .

Essenes Feelings

March 6th, 2017

For example: when we pray for health in our relations, and however we experience anger, jealousy etc in them. Why we surprised to see these same qualities reflected in our body, family, work etc.? Every feeling that we experience creates inside our body chemistry. Then, if our emotional response to our circumstances is positive, acting with love, tolerance, understanding, we can experience that same in our body and extend it to everyone and circumstances that surround us. The power of prayer based on the feeling, is an opportunity to work at this time according to a new paradigm of understanding and feelings that reflect what we want to experience in our lives. Nothing needs to be created, since any result that we can imagine for a situation, is already present.

We will be most useful in the service if we first feel the result of what we experience in our own world. The appreciation and the gratitude that we feel is what creates quantum effects, allowing the creation will tie with our feelings. If when I’m praying, I experience the feelings that my prayer has already been answered, we will then show the old quantum principle that sets the conditions for peace in our bodies, are reflected off them. According to the researcher from the manuscripts of the dead sea, Greg Braden, the ancient Essenes (spiritual community to which, they say, belonged Jesucristo) had this way of praying, very different from the current. The future is the present: creating our days do this practice as a good practice to start our day: the purpose of taking a time to create my day. This way I am acting in the quantum field to generate what I want. Suggestions for the (((practice: 1) daily practice creating your day 2) chooses a place and time where you do not interrupt 3) calms your mind and engage you with the practice.