Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Do Well In Interviews

March 22nd, 2017

"Callate!" a was listening to the playback of audio from an interview I did with my friend Moira, and I wanted to scream. I turned off the "noise" and called Moira. "We have to get back to this interview. I can not send it. " Moira, being the nice person he is, agreed. (Apor luck!) To reschedule the interview and I went to work.

What did not work? What is my story? Was too little prepared? What I said in other interviews that have worked? Volvo to set the stage and rerecorded the second show. a After doing so I was not much better. (I sent the recording anyway). a What happened? The content was good. This is what I teach. It's what I do. Why this interview does not work? Our chemistry is not appearing. Then I realized …

Moira and I had an appointment incompatible. The two were in the same role. Two heroes talking about my business. It did not work. a competing branches without realizing it. I was hoping that the interview was in some way, but it was not. Did not flow. It was fun. Moira was the appropriate hero. I was not. Moira was the hostess. She made the plan. I was the guest who behaved roughly (it was not intentional). When I was single I used to not respect my appointments in the same way. I thought the topics to talk about over dinner beforehand. Rehearsed stories that entertain during dessert.