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Act French

January 29th, 2015

EASYDENTIC Chairman expressed in a radio interview on France info Mannheim, in January 2010: the CEO of EASYDENTIC group, Patrick Fornas, in an interview with the radio station France info on fiscal year 2009 position obtained. In it, he explains the background of the difficulties in the French distribution network and stressed the continued success in the international distribution of biometric readers. In addition, he informed the revolutionary product developed by EASYDENTIC and Hitachi Biovein, which scans the blood vessel structure of the finger. The approval of this new product for the French market is optimistic for the year 2010 Patrick Fornas, you are CEO of EASYDENTIC, a group of companies specialising in biometric access controls and you can say that the year of 2009 in France for you was dantesk with a decline in business activity by 70 per cent in nine months. What happened? Is the crisis that to blame? Patrick Fornas, EASYDENTIC Group CEO: Debt is not the crisis, but it is in fact so that 2009 for the French distribution network is a very unusual year.

By the end of 2008, EASYDENTIC sales biometric readers on the basis of the identification of the fingerprint. To the requirements of the CNIL * to meet EASYDENTIC decided to adjust the distribution of this fingerprint readers because the French data protection agency CNIL assumes that this technology does not leave and thus does not meet their expectations in terms of individual freedom. And we have a revolutionary product on the market at the beginning of the year, the Biovein which scans the fingerprint, not more, but the vascular structure of the finger and therefore meets the demands of the CNIL. The launch of this product should be accompanied by the adoption of a law. This Act should come in January, but ultimately only came on June 21, 2009.