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The Vertical Gastrectomy

June 28th, 2016

The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, also known as sleeve gastrectomy is a new surgical procedure for weight reduction that cuts 75% of the stomach to make this the shape of tube or banana. As a result, food intake is restricted, and the person is satisfied with less food, giving way to a slimmer figure. This procedure removes the portion of the stomach that produces hunger-stimulating hormones. Unlike other procedures such as gastric bypass, vertical gastrectomy does not alter the intestine, and causes slight dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a good option for those patients who suffer from conditions such as anemia, which could put at risk if they were undergoing procedures such as gastric bypass, where it modifies the gut and reduces the absorption of nutrients. This surgery is less invasive compared to, is between 45-60 minutes and requires an average of two days of hospitalization, weight loss is about 100 pounds or 45.3kg, during the first six months. It also presents a lower risk of blood clots that the gastric bypass.

In the, even when the stomach has been drastically reduced, normal continuous operation. The doctor must determine whether the patient is a candidate for this procedure based on your age, body mass index and medical history. Once surgery is performed it is irreversible. There is no insurance company to cover the costs of this operation as it is considered by insurance companies as a cosmetic procedure. Regards, Hector Bernal Surgeon specializing in metabolic and obesity surgery Member of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO)


June 12th, 2016

Resume of Ken Wilber‘s idea of what is pre-personal, personal and transpersonal and concepts of premodern, modern and transmodern, and the relationship between the ego and being. Spirituality, our true nature with Jeffrey Kane. Here we will try to define spirituality as an important integral concept as a way of identifying the essence of being human. Holistic vision forward as the centrality of the spirit, where they see children with spiritual beings. It refers to not confuse spirituality with individualism. We plan that we are spiritual beings trying to be human beings and to that extent as it takes on greater responsibility, the more vision and consciousness have (spiritual erguismo.) On the other hand, spirituality is a transcendence of ego, is not the same development personal development spiritual work in opposite directions.

Spirituality is transformative. The evolution of consciousness and cultural change with Ron Miller. The dialogue provides a holistic education that will transcend across countries despite the different ideological currents. We are at a point where it is necessary to seek new paradigms to respond to the reality we live. We need to create new educational models but being open to possible changes that are provided without being hostage to it. It is necessary to establish a new vision more in keeping with holistic education where in which aspires to have a more consistent, a more compromised. Holistic education needed to develop into a sustainable society, where the inclusion of development of spirituality. Gallegos provides three aspects of importance are: holistic education, society and sustainable development of the new consciousness, as well as the relationship between these three aspects.

Mexican Constitution

June 11th, 2016

Learning is limited to the task of filling the knowledge brain – logical and mathematical instruments and management tools to control the world. The assumption that the quality of education by improving and standardizing administrative processes esuelas will give students a comprehensive education is completely wrong. All these assumptions are those who have maintained ever increasing human conflicts and their relationship with the world. Humanity is constantly seeking to resolve those conflicts that are changing over time, since neither previous paradigms have failed to meet fully the needs of human beings, in this sense there is a new proposal which we call Holistic paradigm. In the works of Dr.

Ramon Gallegos defines holistic education as education for life and throughout life, a significant learning permanent, comprehensive training to learn the art of living responsibly, intelligently and compassionately. It is not limited to instrumentation for the vocational development, but training for self-fulfillment in all the roles played by human beings in society, to the spiritual. Taking this as the Mexican Constitution, in articles that refer to education, specifically the third, we can see that expresses the implementation of an integrated education, same as before in the national education system have not displayed, the fact that indicate that education should be oriented to the harmonious development of all faculties of man, shows that holistic education is precisely which states in its articles, giving validity and legal recognition. In this sense we can conclude that education must have a human face, and comply with the principles established in holistic education, such as interdependence, which runs from dependence, through independence to get to the interdependence, is the recognition we are not alone, therefore our actions directly or indirectly affect others, positively or negatively.

Gallegos Nava Spirituality

June 9th, 2016

As we have been mentioning in the writing of this essay of the twelve works of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, the heart of the XXI century education is the spirituality, spirituality and education are backs and bases in the holistic education for real learning, genuine learning, by through the development of consciousness that is one of the objectives of spirituality. Our planet is manifested in many ways, is shaking the unfair treatment by the lack of awareness of us humans have come to the point that we have to react to the conditions that our land and that are irreversible and also in ourselves within us. Spirituality is an essential guide for mankind, not just the interest of our society, region or country, and is a global concern, one being of all humanity and living beings on the planet, and it starts with each person. Spirituality does integrating all the parties, born of the conditions the interest of all the members and unites them in the same frequency, in the same family. Spirituality as the heart of holistic education is essential for the development of education in the new century (transmodern.) You forgot or failed spirituality inclusion, education in general had forced us to think that talking about spirituality, was to talk about religion and religion was to ask forgiveness or ask for all kinds of miracles, are not we are religious devotees with some interest in convenience, but we will talk for more ahead differentiate between spirituality and religion.