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The Right To Die With Dignity

July 31st, 2016

Not even in the face of the most excruciating pain or sorrow.-This is what the Church and most religions teach us, this is what we have been lead to believe since childhood-For some people, dying should be a natural process, however, for others with cruel, painful and debilitating diseases, dying is an escape of the horrifying pain and suffering that they must endure day after day, – even knowing that there is no cure and that the end will inevitably be-The question is, FOR HOW LONG is that person supposed to endure this situation.-In many cases,-like terminal cancer or other terminal illnesses, – not even doctors can’t predict the end. In other cases, where a patient is diagnosed with cancer, – doctors give them the option of removing most of the cancer by surgery (if at all possible), followed by radiation and/or chemotherapy that can last for months. This does not confirm that the person will be cured, and will be able to live for the rest of his life. Some, in spite of the treatment, are informed that this can only prolong their lives maybe 2 or 3 years, perhaps less. The process of Chemotherapy and radiation, are many times worse than the illness itself.-Side effects are ruthless and incredibly painful., – causing vomiting, burning, debilitation and many other symptoms that NOT many persons can resist or accept. The question is, if all this is worth the suffering, just to survive 2 or at the most 3 years.-perhaps months or more. Other illnesses, like Multiple-Sclerosis, spinal injuries with total paralization, or persons that have to be incubated in order to maintain an artificial life, – are another part of this spectrum that can not – and will not present to hope for total future cure.-Even if the person is in a coma, without any consciousness of what is happening, WHY try to maintain this cond ition endlessly? In my humble opinion, a person has the right to die with DIGNITY.-, without further suffering, not only for them, but for the family that sometimes suffer as much, watching their loved ones in this terrible conditions.-They should have the right to have their lives ended, either by EUTHANASIA performed by doctor, or another relative-THIS SHOULD NOT AND MOST NOT BE AGAINST THE LAW.-Another way to solve this problem, is by having a Living Will, written by the person while his mind is still stable. This is OUR RIGHT, – it is our lives, and our decisions should be respected, no matter what others might think,-I am sure God will understand. He is a loving GOD who does not want to see his children suffereing, – if it can be avoided! Eva of Torriente Diaz July 19, 2008.

Office Furniture

July 29th, 2016

Than office furniture is different from home than an office executive office should be different from the home office than a chair similar to the chair home, what is the difference in what pros, what cons? The main and basic difference office furniture from furniture home is its purpose. Office furniture is solely for the convenience of the business. Whether it's an office desk, cabinet folders, or an armchair manager, well-chosen office furniture will be a reliable companion. Office furniture is of various types, we consider two of them. The first type of office furniture, furniture is economy class. Compact and comfortable office furniture for the staff of a class will create an optimal working atmosphere in your office. And this cost office furniture will be a little, and simplicity of design, which has an office furniture in this class will provide a long term of its use. Such furniture is more appropriate for employees.

For managers need other furniture, more comfortable, elegant, prestigious. Executive office should emphasize its status. Office furniture business class combines the comfort and prestige. Furniture office business class is highly ergonomic, it can satisfy all the needs of employees and create a positive impression on the customer. At first glance at this office furnishings have logged in placing the person there subconscious feeling of solidity and reliability of emergency firm, and respect for her sotrudnikam. furniture business class – it's products for those who value practicality, comfort and good taste. Remember, do not economize on high-quality office furniture, because it is the face of your company, and sosluschet you a good long life.

Bolivarian Republic

July 15th, 2016

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are students from several countries in the Latin American Medical School (ELAM) located in Miranda State and ELAM Pueblo Guri, Bolivar State. Both operate under the guiding principles NPFML.


The Scalp

July 1st, 2016

But there is also a "female pattern baldness" also inherited, which can cause a modest or significant hair loss in women as they age. Hair loss first becomes apparent between 25 and 30. In this female hair loss hair are replaced by hairs growing thinner and shorter. They may even become transparent. Usually, hair loss is less obvious than in men. Also, the pattern or how the hair falls out is different. Most noticeable thinning and hair loss where hair and separate the roof of the head, but do not have tickets.

Is inherited from both father and mother. About 50% of women experiencing hair loss have "female pattern baldness." In these cases there is an abundance of dihydrotestosterone, a male hormone, into the hair follicle. The conversion of testosterone to DHT is regulated by an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase in the scalp. Over time, the action of DHT enables the follicle to degrade and shorten their growth phase (anagen). Although the follicle is technically alive, grow ever smaller. Some follicles simply die, but most are smaller and more hairy. As the anagen phase is still very short, more hair fall and hair gradually thins until it becomes so thin that you can not stand the hair daily.

Baldness long hair becomes thick and thin pigmented hair, clearer and fluffy. However, the sebaceous gland attached to the follicle continues to have the same size and continues to produce the same amount of sebum. When a medical treatment (flutamide, cyproterone or spironolactone) are able to reduce the male hormones, the sebaceous glands become thinner and produces less fat.