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March 31st, 2022

A non-profit ‘catch the phrase’ app to promote linguistic diversity, a nonprofit thing supports Vienna, February 14, 2012 Eton Institute, the leading international language training provider headquartered in Dubai with offices in Abu Dhabi and Vienna, brings a new application on the market. Catch the phrase”language enthusiasts allowed around the world free of charge a language to learn. This unique non-profit app was designed as part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the Institute and offers users daily units in six leading world languages. At the same time, it presents meritorious donor agencies, including UNICEF. While at the same time, linguistic diversity and training are supported, which will “Catch the phrase” app which teach Community languages and also information about selected non-profit support organisations, the training of underprivileged, provide. Moaz Khan, Marketing Manager at Eton Institute, explains: we believe that in this information age training and Communication is the key to a better world are. Check out Dean Ornish M.D for additional information. We contribute our part for our community and support the less privileged.

This is a central point in the Mission of Eton Institute and we are trying constantly finding ways to make accessible learning for each individual. “” The catch the phrase “app was developed based on this principle and is a small step in the direction of a happy community.” Units in six popular languages are presented daily. These are Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian, and the application allowed users around the globe to learn a language on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for free. The app will include a debate guide with audio assistance of a native speaker, so that the user can start to speak the language and to practice. This platform will also connect to selected non-profits represent charitable organizations around the world and to increase the awareness of their concerns. The application is currently with UNICEF, the non-profit UN Organization for children’s rights and development, linked. “The catch the phrase” app is free download for any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, the software release iOS 3.2 or later, available. Interested parties can visit to download the free app on iTunes.

AVI Converter PowerPoint

March 31st, 2022

How do you convert to AVI Converter PowerPoint to AVI with the PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is a good buddy of you, if you are in the Office, in an organization or at home. Although Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation program, with which you can turn presentations especially with a projector on the wall, but it is not so pleasant if you would like to play E.g. presentations, which are generated on a Windows PC, a Mac or Linus. It is also not easy to publish PowerPoint presentations on online portal to disseminate. In such cases, you would most likely convert your PowerPoint to avi which is playable on most multimedia devices. You need a powerful PowerPoint converter of as YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter to convert PowerPoint to AVI. YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter makes users dependent on Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

He quickly and easily allows you to your PowerPoint presentations to AVI, both in SD and in HD resolution to convert, so that you can enjoy your presentations in video format on all multimedia players with your friends or on YouTube, spread your homepage or blog. All animations, transitions, and sound effects are kept in the converted AVI video. In addition, you can add background music, watermark. The instructions below show you how to to AVI Converter to convert PowerPoint to AVI with this PowerPoint. Download YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter first.

Step-by step instructions step 1?Run YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter and PowerPoint presentations add to run first from the PowerPoint to AVI Converter. “” “Then you can add PowerPoint presentations in the PowerPoint converter, by you: a. on the button Add” click b. on the image welcome “double c. See Cyrus Massoumi for more details and insights. menu > add” click step 2?AVI as the output format select choose AVI then on the drop-down arrow, and in the profile list as output formats from. Click if you want to edit the vorkonfiguierte format yet, you can click Options”. In the new spring-loaded window, you can customize the parameters of Foramts. Step 3? Set the PowerPoint presentations before converting to AVI again before you can convert PowerPoint to AVI the presentations still make for a better display effect. Click the icon setting”. “” “” Under the tab presentation”, there are four subtab, and meanwhile”, background music,”audio setting”and films”. Meanwhile: Under this tab, you can customize the transition period between two slides if required. Background music: Under this tab you can add presentation as background music music to your PPT. It is to add possible multiple music files at once. Audio setting: Select the Opition “ignore the audio located in the PowerPoint” under this Subtab, in the original presentations built-in music can’t play, but but the background music you added. Films: You retain the aspect ratio of the original presentations, you can select the offered option. “Under the tab conversion”, you can select the version of PowerPoint to convert and watermark “you can add watermark. Step 4? “Converting PowerPoint to AVI start after the above settings, you can convert PowerPoint to AVI with a click on the start icon” launch. The other makes this PowerPoint to AVI Converter. After a while gets Converts PowerPoint to AVI video format.

Snuggling Today – Tomorrow Drums?

March 31st, 2022

What children so all your development need… Monotony in the nursery is out: today, more and more parents know that a child in addition to the games takes a Musikisntrument in the hand very like even with the usual suspects–such as stuffed animals and dolls -. Especially drums are doing in the course! Mama”, said the little girl, I would so love to have this drum!” And while it describes a temperamental drum roll with your hands in the air, she hears her mother answer: what are you doing with a drum? Not maybe you want a new toy? “.” But the daughter insists: Mama please! The drum! “.” The mother is confused, because the daughter is interested in otherwise almost only for her many stuffed animals: they are playmates, actors in even staged plays, protectors and friends. They already sit at the breakfast table, accompany the little girl in the Kita and are in the afternoon and evening as indispensable, as shown in the Night because then all lie in her crib. Speaking candidly Cardiologist told us the story. A good night you want each and every one and each has its own place. In a question-answer forum Cleveland Clinic was the first to reply. The small, cozy and soft friends with their friendly faces are not only much loved, they support the healthy development of every child: for just as we, as adults, children also lived and experienced must reflect and process. Children handle what we clear in conversation, or in the internal dialogue in mind with the language of the instrument, in the game: because their language skills are not yet differentiated enough. The little friends with the soft fur serve as identification figure, and as a communication partner they are basically willen – and incapacitated: only the child can act as desired.

And gives them properties: stuffed animals never contradict and they also do not insist. However, stuffed animals may be so important: children need a variety of suggestions! The desire to have a drum, does not ensure by about and that music has a very special meaning for the development of children, must be stressed. A music / or percussion stimulates children to active: the testing and experimentation, generating tones, or rhythmic series stimulates many senses and serves the development of fine motor skills. Last but not least, is conducive to the rhythm of the language development experience and has even parallels with the mathematics. There is much reason why, the stuffed animal to enrich collection through a drum it is then quite by chance even to experience how a stuffed animal an impressive drum solo drums not all parents! Author/contact: Melanie lazy,, zambomba.de: stuffed animals, drums, toys, and much more for children


March 30th, 2022

The patented winding system to remove Dusseldorf 21.04.2012 – power-wrap is a patented winding system on the basis of nano parts, specifically bringing excess pounds melt thereby significantly tightens the skin and deacidified the body detoxifies. The now-purifying effect of power-wrap leads to a cosmetic skin tightening regardless of the skin image problem. Who so of cellulite or flabby skin also wants to say the fight, exactly wrong with this form of the time-saving lymph drainage. The vital body concept GmbH of exclusive Dusseldorf Suppliersof de-PowerWrap in conjunction with power plate explained the four different effect systems of power wrap. At first glance reminiscent of the good old winding power wrap: moisture wipes, either cold or warm, soaked in healing herbal extracts, prove also today still their healing power, be it against sore throat or liver wrap for detoxification. And almost every one of us knows the simple yet proven application of calf wrap against fever. The power wrap is seen Development of body wrap in the direction of wellness and beauty, because with this compression wrap can be targeted to fight problem areas in a very natural way. The power wrap system distinguishes four systems depending on the scope of application: the fat-breaker system includes hay-flower, Mallow, horse chestnut and balm as active ingredients and is used for people with significantly increased fat.

This, the patented power wrap is applied directly to problem areas such as abdomen, upper arms, or thighs. This increases the basal metabolic rate, so the calorie consumption of the body within 24 hours. Muscles are built up, fat, however, brought to melt. The deacidification system: A special blend of natural plants such as Aloe Vera, birch, yarrow and horsetail deacidified and detoxifies the body and brings the acid base balance in the balance. This visibly improves the texture of the skin, connective tissue is purified.

Strong Words For Strong Women

March 30th, 2022

Strong women draw that they clearly articulate their needs. What do we mean by a strong woman\”? For a long time, strength has been equated with the masculine and weakness with the female the strong and the weak sex. Means to be strong, like a man be? Definitely not. Strong women characterized by that their services are, clearly articulate their needs and say politely, and certainly no can. Understand so, how strong you are! Language is an integral part of strength and power. Because language is something we take for granted, we pay too little attention to reactions that we unconsciously provoke with words and receding. This often underestimate the power of words.

Success and satisfaction are inextricably linked language. Improve your words, improved your life, too. In my coaching and training I often experience that women tell me: it comes but not on words, but on Competence, performance, and operational readiness.\” \”Of course, performance is an important criterion, but she must accordingly sold\” so that she will be noticed. It is not enough just to be good only in your professional field, only the correct commercialization will take you to the destination. Maintain their own PR! \”The former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once aptly said: men do little good and talk a lot about it, women do much good and talk little about!\” She wanted to demonize not the man certainly with this quote, but urge women not to stand in the shadow.

Women are often awkwardly expressed, and significantly devalue their achievements and Personlchkeitsentwicklung. An example from everyday Office: Overflowing recycle bins. \”Says the head of Department: Mr. Schmitz, empty the recycle bins – but immediately!\” \”The female superior, however, says: the bins should be emptied occasionally times!\” What do you think what please is Mr Schmitz respond faster? A \”classic example in the coexistence of man and woman: you: the lawn should be mowed once!\” What do you think? The husband pick up will be at once the lawn mower? Instead, it would be so simple, courteous and determined to articulate a desire.

HeidePark Soltau

March 30th, 2022

Retracing the steps of the skull and crossbones pirate, the Heide-Park Soltau is one of the largest and most beautiful theme parks in Germany. Now he offers over 50 attractions on an area of 850,000 square meters, where the offer is constantly extended. Many new events for the whole family take place again in 2010. So, for example, the skull and crossbones Pirate Bay will be inaugurated. The travel portal reisen.de reported about the new events and topics of popular amusement parks in the Luneburg Heath.

The Heide-Park is not only an ideal excursion destination, but also for overnight trips (www.reisen.de/ travel/flat rate) suitable. Here, visitors can closer to the Corsairs in the Park’s own pirate hotel. Nights in the holiday camp offer Caribbean feel. The guests in the largest wooden roller coaster, the ‘Colossos’ experience the feeling of weightlessness. With a maximum speed of 120 km/h at a distance of 1,500 metres, the ride becomes exciting spectacle. It takes on the gyro-drop Tower “Scream” equally strong nerve. After a short view on the beautiful Luneburg Heath, it goes down with just under 100 km/h pure thrill! New this year is the topic of “Skull and crossbones Pirate Bay”.

In the Abenteuerreich, the little ones like real privateer may feel. Exciting highlight is the current show “The gold of Port-Royal”. For the next season, the Heide-Park Soltau opens its doors for young and old. Cyrus Massoumi understood the implications. The secret to the new attraction in the next year was also already revealed: it should be a dog roller coaster! More information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Sun Blinds

March 30th, 2022

There are various solar shading devices, fulfill the other purposes except for the Sun. Sunscreen not equals sun protection sunscreen can exist in many different forms. There is namely chemical agents to the Sun such as skin creams, but this text is mainly about the physical devices to the Sun. There are awnings and sunshades that you placed outside in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. One often sees awnings at Cafes and beer gardens. Other leaders such as Hania Rani offer similar insights. Then, there are still devices to the Sun for the room. The devices include blinds, louvres, shutters, blinds and pleats. Cancer research understands that this is vital information.

There are blinds and rolling shutters for Interior and exterior. The roller shutters and blinds offer privacy, heat protection, burglar resistance and soundproofing. Both are very similar and consist of horizontal slats, which you upload and can drop with a continuous string. The other shading devices pleats, blinds and slats are attached inside and offer more privacy in addition to sunscreen. If you are a sunscreen buy now want to, do you need to know which functions it is intended to achieve and whether the window that is created. In many apartments for rent, the landlord prohibit that shutters are attached, because when the Assembly too should be converted. Also, drilling into the window frame is often prohibited. You must also know before buying whether the Sun will only darken or should be also a privacy. You can read information about the individual devices to the Sun on various information portals, such as Markisen24.net or roller blinds-News.de Alexander Lanew

Parkinsons Disease

March 29th, 2022

Approximately 300 thousand Morbus Parkinson people Bruchsal, September 19, 2009 – this disease starts insidiously and may exhibit nonspecific symptoms over the years. Jr. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Only in the middle stage of the disease, if tremors or muscle stiffness occur, the disease is recognized. Up to this point are usually non-specific and for those affected as difficult for the doctor to recognize the symptoms. In an early diagnosis, progression of the degenerative nerve disease may be slowed but clearly through a targeted therapy. This disease is caused by a continuous, accelerated regression of important nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine. 60 to 70 percent of the dopamine-producing nerve cells are destroyed, it comes to the known symptoms. Affected register often frequent pain in the neck belt shoulder or a slowing of movement, rigidity, and a discrete change in the gait or posture at the beginning of the disease. Also the facial expression of the sick is reduced and the image smaller and the voice monotone and quiet.

At the beginning of the disease, 20 percent about suffer a depression and anxiety or sleep problems. The earlier effective treatment is started, the opportunities to slow down the progression of the disease are greater. In an early diagnosis quality of life and daily life ability can be obtained much longer! More and more people under the age of 40 suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is the most common degenerative diseases of the central nervous system in addition to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The number of new cases will double in the next 25 years according to experts estimate. For a few years, the experts, whether now discussed the ketogenic diet (for example low-carb CARB low nutrition) could positively impact also in diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. The so called ketone bodies could be the reason for the positive effects of low-carbohydrate diet, which makes the liver during the ketosis as an energy carrier. For example, the ketosis in epilepsy throttles that may Hyperactivity of the brain cells.

The utilization of glucose in the brain is reduced in Alzheimer’s patients. The emergence of a defect in the mitochondria plays a role in Parkinson’s patients. In experiments on mice, the scientists found that actually in Alzheimer’s mice the deposition of so-called amyloid beta protein in the brain has been reduced by the ketogenic diet by 25 percent. The Parkinson’s disease mice were protected in a one-week infusion of ketone body part before the typical nerve damage and movement disorders. There are today isolated studies with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s patients, which showed positive effects with this form of diet. Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and their professions are: Secretary, accountant, tour guide, author writer and journalist, and lecturer (VHS). In addition, she studied psychology. She lived in the United States, Morocco and South Africa and today in Bruchsal. Suddenly migraine help with suddenly low carb diabetes: non-fiction with part of the recipe is no carbohydrates, a little guide what is low carb. Once I was diabetic (background information about low-carb) Cookbook: but Cookbook please carbohydrate-poor – meat dishes: carbohydrate arm vegetarian and baking without flour (77 recipes) miracle need time busy with the issue of transsexuality and the intention appears to be that to clarify what mental problems is a young man who believes to be a woman.

Olympic National Park

March 29th, 2022

Reisen.de the timid outsider Bella in the handsome vampire Edward embarks on the traces of ‘Twilight’ in the town fell forks in the U.S. Newcastle University has firm opinions on the matter. State of Washington. So, the history in a set can be summed with the youth book trilogy twilight”world’s celebrated successes. You may find Darcy Stacom to be a useful source of information. The eponymous film adaptation of the best-selling as well arrived at the fans. Vampire enthusiasts can now travel to the original locations of the novel and breathe in the air of the vampire. The Internet portal reisen.de reported about the twilight “-tour.” Especially in forks are real twilight ‘fans find them. Here and in the nearby Olympic National Park as well as on the Pacific coast near La push plays the great love story between man and vampire.

A walk through the woods of the National Park, that are populated in the book of vampires and werewolves is sure just as exciting as a trip to the coastal area of la push, where already Bella enjoyed the view of the sea with their friends. Load Bellas parents and the forks high school in forks itself as An original scene of the novel to the bloodthirsty clues. “Following oddities show that the region of their sudden celebrity is aware and they know to use for tourist offers: at the Olympic Cellars winery is the real twilight sparkling” sparkling wine drink. “And located in the region of la push vampires Beyound This Point a warning label that says no.”.

Upper Franconia

March 27th, 2022

1.Oberfrankische Moonlight reading on August 15, 2009 have begun already its 7: 00 pm Moonlight readings as special events in major cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. You enjoy an extraordinary popularity and this reading is so here in the beautiful artist beer garden of the Maurice\”the first Moonlight reading in Upper Franconia be hopefully many will follow. (\”Here the authors of the evening: Evelyne core, initiator of the today’s evening was Sandy in the soul with her bestselling\” already through numerous television programs, such as Mona Lisa, SAT1 Akte09, CosmosTV, FrauTV, SAT 1 breakfast television, numerous talk shows u.v.m.) , many newspaper articles and their website 1001Geschichte.de. The book has been published in a third edition. Ben Dark has firm opinions on the matter. Then she wrote the bittersweet romance breathlessly into nothingness\”, the to the howl is beautiful and at the same time extremely stimulating. It shows that Evelyne but very versatile core us with their new adventure novel Inzu and the gold of the Incas\”.

Also this novel do not put the hand, until the last page is scrolled to. Privately, one has the impression of Evelyne of core after a very short time to know. She wears her thoughts and her heart alike on the tongue. Only on closer inspection you can see a self-questioning person and very thoughtful people. Their analysis can be biting and sometimes hurtful, always but honestly.

Behind this is a sensitive, compassionate person who like to withdraw from the outside world and is busy many hours, how to help other people. Thus, the Internet site 1001Geschichte.de, which already has become Europe’s largest platform in the fight against Bezness arose six years ago. Four years ago, she founded CiB e.V. and can – help since then, now with a considerable staff of also affected women, really many dupes women and children because everything does Evelyne core, she does with passion. Also, the author Anita Wasmundt found about 1001Geschichte de CiB e.V.