Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Hospital Infection

September 17th, 2016

The observance of the aseptic techniques, the orientaes how much to the devidoprocedimento and the professionalism are determinative factors for reduction dasinfeces.5.3 Commissions of Control of Hospital Infection? CCIHUma Commission of Control of Infeco Hospitalar (CCIH) possuiprofissionais that they will have to execute the following tasks: To detect cases of hospital infection, following established dediagnsticos criteria previously; To know the main hospital infections detected in the service to edefinir if the occurrence of these episodes of infection is inside of parmetrosaceitveis. This means to know world-wide literature on the subject and to saberreconhecer the acceptable taxes of hospital infection for each type of service; To elaborate standardization norms so that the procedimentosrealizados ones in the institution follow one aseptic technique (without the penetration demicrorganismos), diminishing the risk of the patient to acquire infection; To collaborate in the training of all the professionals of the health in what serefere to the prevention and control of the hospital infections; To carry through control of the antibiotic lapsing, being prevented that osmesmos they are used in way uncontrolled in the hospital; To recommend the measures of isolation of transmissible illnesses, when one is about hospitalized patients; To offer to support technician to the hospital administration for aquisiocorreta of materials and equipment and for fsicadas the adequate planning of the area units of sade.55.3.1 FormaoA CCIH (Commission of Control of Hospital infection) was instituted peloMinistrio of the Health in 1983 through would carry 196. It is an assessorship agency Hospital Direo that has as purpose to execute the actions foreseen in the PNCIH.Podemos to elencar as papers of bigger relevance, the following executions: The legislation foresees that the CCIH must be composed for professionals of reade health, superior level, formal assigneds person, and its members seroconsultores and executors, and that its consultants will be represented pelosseguintes services: doctor, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory of microbiology, administration, and at least two professional executors of superior level of reade sade.6 As well as its constitution, fits the maximum entity of instituionomear for moves proper, the constituent members of the CCIH, thus comodisponibilizar infrastructure functioning and to approve and to make to be valid seusprotocolos. .

Sick World

September 8th, 2016

In way the technological age where scientists are close to finding the call ' ' particle of Deus' ' , where engineers of Microsoft iram to develop a giant ship that tera capacity to carry through flights manned to the space. In way to as much technology, that without a doubt some is very important for the development, I ask myself, as he can be capable of so great evolution in the technology areas and at the same time still to be behind in relation the social inaquality. Economic Brazil if distance of social Brazil and this make of our country a leader in social inaqualities. In Brazil the inaquality is one of most serious of the world, every day sees violence, inhabitants of street, preconception, infantile proatituio. Reading on sociology I could see some positive and negative points of the capitalism. Between the positive points they were the evolution of the technology and the medicine, economic liberalism, the chance to invest its money in the desired way, the private property.

If you to ask for somebody the points negative of the capitalism, quickly the person will say that it is the inaquality caused for this system, that the capitalism only aims at the profit and thus it ignores the part ' humana' of the people, a system that values more HAVING of what the BEING. The inaquality always folloies in them to many centuries and without solution. It would be good for starting itself to think that to be it is better and to have. As Russian Renato speaks, one of the most brilliant composers – ' ' who gives to me, the least a time, that simplest was seen as most important, but in had given mirrors and saw a world to them doente' '.