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November 24th, 2016

It has 40 years, the rock musician almost Raul Seixas, deceased in 1989, with its musical philosophy or philosophical musics, as they want, it said: ' ' it has people that she passes entire life stopping the useless fight with the twigs, without knowing that she is back in the trunk that is coringa of baralho ' ' is not really? Comumente we notice some people who mutter, they complain of definitive situation, in which they are until inserted and they could help to move and to improve, but act as if they were not part of the context, criticizing in fierce way, as if also they were not a little guilty for what it is transferred. This occurs in all the sectors of the life. In the indomvel will to criticize, ' ' warriors of moinhos' ' against the twigs they do not measure consequncias, always finish harming other people, nor the one that he directly intended to reach, and, in last analysis, they harm itself proper, after all, to criticize without pointing solution is as to take a boat for the rochedos where certainly all can leave wounded, in a situation useless, with many loosers and no winner. Learn more about this with Professor Roy Taylor. It has who calls auto-aid, but she is necessary always to read, if to bring up to date to continue evaluating things that pass to our redor and thus never if to omit and yes to participate, to make to happen, to make the difference. It does not advance to be speaking to the four winds that this or that situation this certainty or that determined person valuing is not you. It searchs more, it makes more, it carries through what it finds good and certain without waiting immediate recognition or afagos in the ego, but yes for providing some better thing for the next one. Sacred Holy Writs speak of the duty to love to the next one as to we ourselves. This is an excellent message on that to make the good generates most, more accomplishment, greater satisfaction.

Who knows this teaching is not the trunk, coringa of baralho for definitive resolutions and not it useless fight against the twigs? We are human, we know that it has hour that of the will to play everything for the high one, mainly if we do not obtain with the desired rapidity to move situations that we judge wrong. But coming back to the constant sacred teachings in as much the religions, our time is not the time of the Creator and underneath of the sky it has time determined for all intention, time to plant and for spoon, this is undisputed. We do not have to never give up our dreams, of our ideals in search of a world more fraterno and igualitrio for all the humanity. Unhappyly (but thanks to God I believe that it is a minority) said human beings they insist on difficult attitudes of if understanding. Sites and periodicals bring all hour the defenseless news of maltreatment against children and animals; crimes for reasons of fteis; dullness as welded North American urinando on enemy corpses, at last, things that make in them to think that to believe the redemption human being it is fight against twigs that come back to grow and to give work Optimist that I am and that I believe all needs to be, always suggests to beat the dust and to always continue in the fight and who knows, going to the trunk, to coringa of baralho?

Skin Disease: Acne

November 23rd, 2016

Acne is a disorder of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Depending on the severity of the acne makes vulgaris (common acne) felt by an oily skin with pimples, pustules and blackheads. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. Zits and pimples on the face, neck and decollete occur of ordinary acne with the onset of puberty. Usually the skin disease disappear after puberty by alone again.

The pimples, which are typical of acne, caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the skin. There are different forms of acne and acne on the back, under the armpits, or even in the genital or gluteal region can occur depending on the shape and curve. Acne acne occurs when symptoms most often on the face, neck or decollete. The typical characteristics of an acne have pimples, blackheads and pustules and a greasy skin. Usually the skin improves again with the end of puberty. The symptoms of Acne can be pronounced differently.

The Zits and pimples occur, that the skin’s sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum, therefore clog and then become inflamed. The acne is very pronounced, arise from this inflammatory nodules, crusts, abscesses and scars. Often these infections are painful. Treatment of acne treatment for acne is tedious and usually only shows first successes after a longer period of treatment. The treatment of acne depends on its present form and the severity of the skin condition. Often several methods of treatment over a longer period must be tried to find an effective means. To prevent scars, should start treating it as far as possible in the early stages. To reduce the excessive sebum of the pores and to combat the inflammation or bacterial infection and to disinfect the skin is essential in the treatment of acne. “The complete InfoBox Acne” to do this, see

PNL Form

November 23rd, 2016

The cerebral plasticity brought answers for many of these questions that previously were answered with: it is thus and point. It functions, but we do not know as and so on. ' ' Cerebral plasticity is the denomination of the adaptativas capacities of the SNC? its ability to modify its proper structural organization and functioning. It is the property of the nervous system that allows the development of structural alterations in reply to the experience, and as adaptation the mutant conditions and the stimulatons repetidos.' ' Of this form we understand as good part of the techniques of neurolingustica programming has its action. The brain is not fixed and static. It is dynamic and active and extremely estimulvel. One I number almost incalculable of electrochemical reactions occurs at this accurate moment in its brain, related its cognition, memory, breath, I tie emotional of the experience human being, to see, to hear, to put into motion themselves enters as much others. It is not to perhaps that the picture of cerebral death of a patient, defines the moment of donation of agencies.

Still a body exists, but that person finishes to die. It does not think, does not feel, no activity is observed in its cerebral cortex. One remembers that We are what we believe to be, and its beliefs center control its life. When we practise one technique that creates new connections or same it intervenes of efficient form with the old connections of its brain, appears a new reality, a new history, a new perception on the reality. Some scientists arrive to contest what we call reality, affirming that what in fact exists is only perception that depends that each individual. Each one of us is only can perceive the seemed things of form, but never of equal form. If you still had you doubt, on the scientific bases of the processes that involve cognitivo-mannering techniques as the PNL, you wait that from now you can you find some replies.

Swiss Disorder

November 20th, 2016

The central approach of this new concept tells us that disorder, turbulence, disorganization and the unexpected are constitutive aspects of a reality that scientific research has to address and unravel. Chaos is present in the universe, in nature and also in society and exerts a fascination that has given rise to the emergence of what some consider as one of the major inventions that have revolutionized the history of civilizations 15 clutter our every day, give us your chaotic blessing… where is the attraction of the society by the order? Everything goes back to the Industrial Revolution and its paradigm of the efficiency of the machines, and the mandates of the paradigm of the serial production taylorist model, ordering processes according to a sharing of tasks. But long before, religious dogma were who disseminated the thesis of the social order as mystical dogma, so outside the norm of social organization or the dogmatic episteme, the disordered person would face serious problems. But not everything is negative, in the disorder as they checked it and claim figures of science, literature or politics, which were disorganized half-hearted in his public and private life. A graphic and notorious example was the desk of Albert Einstein. It was absolute chaos and occasionally defended publicly its mess with statements like this: “If a table crowded is symptom of a disordered mind, then what to think of an empty desk?” Alexander Fleming is another example of productive disorder”. It was vacation without ordering or clean his laboratory and upon returning found mold in their cultivation of bacteria, which allowed him to discover the antibiotic action of penicillin.

Another example? The famous Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. “Piaget lived in complete chaos, and when stated that it was a total chaos” is not exaggerated. Papers and books reached the ceiling of almost all the rooms in your House, because never failed to check whether the sanitary rooms were also infusing papers, books or notes. .

Latin America

November 16th, 2016

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Awareness Of Gaps

November 13th, 2016

In the course of the day we see and hear a series of changing things that happen one after the other. When we realized for the first time be seeing something or hear a sound (and much more) if it is unknown, prior to the mind map name or interpret it, usually there is a vacuum of intense attention in which occurs the perception. This is the interior space. The duration of that vacuum varies from one person to another. It is easy to overlook it because, in many cases, are extremely brief gaps, perhaps a second or less. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. on most websites. What happens is the following: when there is an image or a new sound, there is a brief interruption in the usual torrent of thoughts in the first moment of perception. Consciousness deviates from the thought because you need it to detect a perception. A picture or a very strange sound can leave us dumb, even inside us.

That is causing a vacuum long. The frequency and duration of those spaces determines our ability to enjoy life, to feel the inner connection with other human beings and nature. It also determines our degree of freedom from the ego, because the ego implies a total unawareness of the dimension of the space. When we take conscience of these gaps as they occur naturally, gradually extend and we experience more often the joy of perceiving, without the interference of thought. Then the world is renewed, cheerful and lively. While more we perceive the world through mental screen abstraction and conceptualisation, inert and kind becomes. Original author and source of the article

The Decree Law

November 11th, 2016

The initiatives of organization of programs of graduation in metrologia had been always discouraged to if considering the metrologia as a science to multidiscipline 37, with interface in some areas and specialties of knowing, limiting all the concrete activity in the graduation when adopting the insertion of you discipline of metrologia to the existing courses already. It was always justified that the activity of metrologia is related to the formation technique-professional of the area of Engineering to be complemented by a training or specific specialization to the part, or same that the creation of you discipline and courses spray the resources destined to the university. The Decree Law in the 240 (1967) that it defined the Politics and of the National System of 38 Metrologia, in the relative chapter to the education and formation of staff, already foresaw specific prerogatives to the INPM (previous agency to the Inmetro), and its delegated agencies (today called RBMQ-I), how much the organization of courses of metrolgica formation, of superior and average degree, to prepare of technician in metrologia, allowing for this end, agreements with autarchic or private public agencies, including the International Distribution Weights and metrolgicos Measures, and other agencies foreigners, and for establishing the way in such a way as courses and the respective programs would have to be given as the way to defray them. Since this time it comes being foreseen actions with the objective to guarantee the continued education of the metrologia, without they are materialize. The strategical lines of direction to consolidate the development of the education and the metrolgica culture in Brazil, (2008 – 2012) 39 cites diverse challenges to be reached: the promotion of the basic research and the implementation of programs for formation; the certification of people with abilities and the elaboration of program of insertion of metrolgicos contents in you discipline of the courses of superior level; the promotion of the scientific and technological research in all the academic levels.

Natural Remedies

November 10th, 2016

The only way to a fabulous looking skin is with a high amount of care, so they learn how to care for your skin using natural ingredients so you can always keep the beauty of fashion women fresh and youthful glowing intensely simply! It seems that over the years that have created a variety of natural remedies of the beauty, the remedies that have been proven to work. Contemporary products use mainly chemical products as active ingredients, and this is not always good for your skin, hair and body. For assistance, try visiting Martha McClintock. Because the products are beginning to be increasingly artificial, people have begun to return to direct your attention to the power of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients can be used to treat a variety of problems, from the upside down, and there are a variety of ingredients with different properties to choose from. Knowing what ingredients is a necessity to use for a particular problem if you want the treatment to be effective so well, to make things more easy, we have put together some popular beauty natural remedies so that you learn.

Motor Development

November 3rd, 2016

To this respect Mendes and N3obrega (2004) they affirm that: The human body, to the being compared with a hydraulical machine, receives an education considers that it only in its mechanical aspect, without proper will, desires and the recognition of the scienter of the human movement, which is explained through the mere reaction the external stimulatons, without any relation with the subjectivity. The thought of Discardings, established in the exercise of the control and the domain of the nature, influences the education through the rationalization of practical the corporal ones. (2004, P. 125) In century XVII AND XIX the idea of the desvinculao between body and the mind, make to thus appear a new paradigm in the education, the science of the motricidade human being, leading some thinkers to be argued importance of the motor development in the education. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. In this way the motricidade it human being is the quality to think and to act its desires in accordance with thus developing intelligence what it differentiates in them of the other animals. Thus the other animals have only the motricidade: Of the act to the thought and the gesture the word, the human being endowed with new psychic processes of information between the body and the brain acquired the position bpede, freed the hands to manufacture tools, emancipated the mouth and the face to finally communicate feelings and thoughts with its fellow creatures and, invented the symbol to make history, to transmit culture and to produce art and science. (FONSECA, 2010, P. 8) For Fonseca (2010), it is by means of the motricidade that we can we interact with the object and from this moment, to create tools for our use..

Old Men And Sickness

November 1st, 2016

Keeping in mind all you know about the man and remembering what mentioned above, you are already slightly "Savvy." Do not be alarmed: "last gift" is always a gift. You can resort to the options on the first occasion, but remember: the people, for which the gift is a very sensitive (Sensitive) period of his life. Be very careful in his statements, and choice: the gift you can change the state of human health If this state does not allow quite extreme, even this minimum massage, or just your hero does not like new experiences and the experiences of this kind, you can refer to another idea. Click Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to learn more. Need to collect video highlights of this man's life, mount them and make inetersny film. If such No video – you can contact a specialist company which will draw a flash cartoon with your friend or girlfriend. In this case, the entire gift will fit in most compact flash memory card, which is especially important if a person leaving for good.

In general, good thing I was podsmotrena in one film. I do not remember what it was called, but is not the point. Two seriously ill old man made a list of what you do not have time to make a living, and n-o-n-e-m-n-o-r-y, line-by- line crossed out done, respectively, fulfilling their desires. I suggest you take a chance: to help draw up a list and take part in the incarnation formulated desires. This experience may be sufficient extreme and useful for the development of your personality. At some level, I think, then you can pretty "pomudret, become more sensitive and spiritual But we must remember: not everyone is willing to accept such a gift.

And, in general, possibly as a gift to a person may be quite hard. If he accepted the inevitable, then everything is seen calmly, as a given. But if a person is in a stage of denial, aggression with respect to situation, should be very careful. And the best gift I think it will help him take over the world, what it is: just world, without a "good" and "bad". Understand themselves and help to understand him: "Who is the master who makes grass green? "If you do not uspevete participate in the implementation of this list: – Contribute to its development, offer or give a beautiful book desires. You can also present as a farewell gift thing will inspire people and open up new horizons for him: the film, a book, a scroll with the motto, picture Of course, not desirable to give some specific things: vases, paintings, For other utensils. In this situation, however was not helpful gift, he is completely irrelevant. Most likely, people : in fact, later this thing will be reminded of the last party with the man now, not with them Remember that the "first" and "last" has tremendous value. Let go your imagination in flight, rejoicing loved ones, making them happy. Even if this "joint happiness" – the last time!