Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch


December 23rd, 2016

Of 1880 the 1930, but over all from 1890, Brazil starts to integrate one of the destinations of the Spaniard. Of the period, the Brazilian migratory politics consisted of an ample spreading of the benefits of the coming for Brazil, forming a migratory flow basically individual, masculine and directed to the great urban centers. The reception regions were diverse and the extremely precarious conditions as they indicate innumerable stories on the misery and maltreatment which was submitted the Spaniard, according to Martinez. Moreover, the exerted works were generally of low qualification, being that many enquistamento of the teuto-Brazilians (GIRARD, 2009). The main groups of immigrants in Brazil are Portuguese, Italian,> Spaniard, Germans and Japanese, that more than represent eighty percent of the total. Until the end of century XX, the Portuguese appear as dominant group, with more than thirty percent, what she is natural, given its affinity with the Brazilian population.

They are the Italians, after that, the group that has greater participation in the migratory process, with almost thirty percent of the total, concentrates, over all in the state of So Paulo, where if it finds the biggest colony Italian of the country. The Spaniard follow themselves, with more than ten percent, the Germans, with more than five, and the Japanese, with almost five percent of the total of immigrants (BRASILESCOLA, 2009). 3.1 BRAZIL AS LAND MORE ADJUSTED IMMIGRATION It has some opinions that more support the idea of Brazil to be one of the adjusted countries for immigration, if compared with Africa and U.S.A. According to Moritz Lamberg, witness of the period, these regions would be in long stated period unhealthy nationalize later, in a period where Germany already had lost its African possesses, the gegrafo Bernhard Brandt retakes cotejo. Climatic Brazil would present imbatveis advantages and for the European it would be less unhealthy than African tropical lands.

Emotional Intelligence

December 6th, 2016

Boredom is a consequence of laziness. Significant information that has been given for the relevance, importance, scope, impact of emotional intelligence, their applicability depending on the work of generating thoughts, ideas that give way to creativity, even productive for all performance in recent years has been stated, this is a time of great and constant changes in all areas of our existence demanding that we are prepared to face themespecially when these changes are characterized by being fast, violent, sometimes traumatic, linked to an environment of great uncertainty, of a competitiveness that had not been taken earlier as a result of the dynamic activity globalization, which imposes all sorts of demands on organizations, which must be considered by management ensuring operation that favours himwithout cause risk to its personnel in their physical and emotional health, all the If not, encourage him in his development of his talent, creativity conducive to organizations. The truth, than to the reality of the behavior of economic and commercial scenarios. Management can help in emotional intelligence, which is a way of interacting with the world that takes into account the feelings, and includes skills such as the control of impulses, self-awareness, motivation, enthusiasm, perseverance, empathy, mental agility, etc. Them configured traits like self-discipline, compassion or autism, that are essential for a good and creative social adaptation.

Leverage emotional intelligence not involves be always happy or avoid disturbances, but keeping the balance: know through the bad times that gives us life, recognize and accept the feelings and exit gracefully from these situations without damage or damage to others. Emotional intelligence is the ability to exploit the emotions in the best way and replace them with the reasoning to come to fruition. He is said that nearly one hundred (100) years since IQ (CI) is the most famous and used gauge of intelligence, while only a few abilities of our mind (especially math and the verbal).

Maori God

December 1st, 2016

It’s very simple. Around the church in this village, a small cemetery. In such areas it is impossible to dig the grave, land – solid minerals, all okamelo. They do not even need to lay asphalt. To bury the dead, it is necessary to put the coffin on the ground and fill it with concrete. It turns like a sarcophagus.

We also visited in the Mara, this is a special home Meeting for Maori. There’s my rule: when you log all must take off one’s shoes, there’s never allowed to talk to women … For tourists in Mara arrange a short excursion into the country’s history and Maori Maori show Haku, the most fearsome war dance, in the execution of which must be very frightened enemies and sing their melodious songs of stunningly beautiful, each of which – the legend of the life of the Maori. We are very interested in telling about Maori ornaments, the Maori god and explained how to recognize a god for what is already aware of this and how to use it: to protect the home, to bring the friendly forces, a god to put on the street, and some in the house. What is an amulet and what to wear around his neck.

Amulets are made traditionally of jade, which is produced in large quantities, or from the bone. They told us about the color in the ornament, which means that color. But I liked the phrase uttered by our guide: ornament – it is the wisdom of the people, he should know and be able to read and understand, and Glahn, it should be protected.