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Atacama Desert

March 29th, 2023

Typical Celebrations of the Altiplano, Chile Chile is mostly to Catholic country with a calendar of religious holidays. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Studzinski by clicking through. Among them there are traditional festivals of the Altiplano, of great importance in the lives of people who it Arquitectura. There are the result of a mixture of ancestral rites and cults brought by the Spanish, especially Christianity in the Catholic faith. For even more details, read what Daryl Katz says on the issue. In the month of June will be developed one of the country s major parties, San Pedro and San Pablo, especially for San Pedro de Atacama, this mythical oasis in the middle of the Atacama Desert with 2,000 inhabitants. Is a tribute to the patron of the city, with dances and processions. The festivities begin on June 24 and end on the day of San Pedro on the 29th of June with the image of the Saint through the streets in a procession, then follow the dances, music and food. The best hotels in San Pedro de Atacama are Tierra Atacama, explora Atacama and Awasi. All are prepared to participate in these festivals to promote visits to archaeological sites, traditional churches and other rides. Use these occasions for an adventure in the Atacama Desert knowing their traditions and doing outdoor activities. For more information write to or visit trips to South America