Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch


November 13th, 2021

The evolution in the field of communications, mobile communications demolishes everything in its path constraints, its result is the emergence of new networks – networks of third generation 3G. 3G standard currently used in 75 countries, and 3G-service operators are about 300 million people. Now the standard has appeared in Ukraine. Network 2G, primarily focused on voice communications, while net third generation have focused on transmission and has Then on voice communications. Standard 3G, which replaces the second-generation networks, offering a wide range of services, the most important of which are mobile Internet and voice communications. The first 3G-operator in the Ukraine was operator PEOPLEnet. To date, compared with other operators, who have long established themselves in the mobile market, PEOPLEnet covers a relatively small area and so this operator services are available to few. But company is rapidly expanding coverage and therefore a very short period of time, almost everyone will be able to use the services of the operator.

Great efforts were put on the advertising campaign, which has become very a large and powerful. Much effort has made the company and the development of the network. With respect to services, 3G easily beats the previous generations. Technology standard covers the needs of large cities, so even at peak load, which is often observed in large cities, call quality remains high. But perhaps it is no longer the most important thing. The main feature of which is so attractive 3G high speed data transfer. On transfer rate 3G can compete even with the internet service providers, it provides a data rate in the range of 600-800 kbit / s, depending on the distance from the base station location and the number of active subscribers.