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Fifteen Quot

June 29th, 2021

When the 'Swordfish' hung new torpedoes (with fuse) and 19:15 everything was ready, torpedo immediately started with the Arc Royale '. In 20:47 'Swordfish' flocked to the latest attack. 'Bismarck' discovered barrage. Learn more on the subject from Sam Locke. Two torpedoes hit the board a German ship: the first blows in the midship frame. But defense withstood the hit.

The second torpedo exploded in the aft battleship. It was she who decided the fate of the 'Bismarck' and his crew The explosion damaged a second torpedo steering gear, steering, and both stuck in the position to the left 12 degrees. Describing the circle, the battleship began to move in a northwesterly direction at a speed of 7 knots. At this point he was 400 miles from Brest. Chance to go for 'Bismarck' was not no. When Admiral Lyutens realized that the situation is hopeless, with the 'Bismarck' headquarters flies radio loudly: 'attacked by torpedo bombers from the aircraft carrier! Torpedo hit aft.

vehicle lost control! We will fight to the last shell. Long live Fuhrer! " Fifteen minutes later, at a distance of nine miles to the 'Bismarck' approached British cruiser Sheffield. " The Germans opened fire, but none of the nine rounds has not reached the goal. Although Hit the 'Sheffield' was not, was damaged by splinters of his radar and wounded 12 sailors. Blanketed the smokescreen, the English cruiser stepped aside. Before leaving, he gave the coordinates of the 'Bismarck' upcoming fifth flotilla of destroyers. At 22:38 destroyers 'Kossak', 'Porun', '', 'Zulu' and 'Maori' from the 4th Flotilla found German ship.