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Human Resources Management

February 14th, 2022

Well you do not give the importance it deserves, and obviously what can happen in this relationship, we all know, the results to the communication block can not leave anything positive. However, if before the demands of your child, you take the time to sit with, talk about your concerns, turn off the phone, you log off the computer, or stop watching TV, and we look closely into his eyes, and you listen with your heart, which probably will also know the results of this new relationship and communication. For more specific information, check out Dr Mikael Dolsten. Well with this example I want to express how and at what level could be working at this time your ability to make sound and accurate decisions according to your inner ring. If you’ve used to listen to and make use of it, the amazing results began to be everyday, you know you have a powerful tool at your disposal and use it skillfully to live your purpose in life. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dean Ornish M.D. if you’re not used to using your internal re-pique a simply be there, waiting to be rattling cared for, heard and felt to make your life much more full, happy and effective than you could imagine. Additional information is available at Jonathan Friedland. I invite you retire every day in meditation, at least 15 minutes a day, twice a day, choose the time that is your choice and close your eyes, just let yourself go, feel your heart, breathing and discover the light and the voice are there to serve you and help you live your life fullness, abundance and miraculous synchronicity. I would love to hear your opinion on this topic of discussion, through this link you can participate: Thanks MARIA TUGS Economist Specialist Human Resource Management Strategic Management Coaching for Life Group can join the a prosperity: living in the abundanciaa through this link: MARIA TUGS Personal Summary: Economist, UCAB, 1984. Specialist in Human Resource Management, 1998.

Founder of Self-Help Group: Mujeres Amigas Solidarity, 1996. Manage Life Coaching, 2005. Culture for Peace, Association of Certified Real Estate Unidas.Corredor Nations Chamber of Carabobo, 2001 MARIA Flip – Professional experience: Assistant at the Institute of Economics and Social Research UCAB, 1981-1984. Banco Venezolano de Credito ,1984-1986. Director of Little Rainbow Apparel, LLC. 1986-1994. Real Estate Broker Certificate of Carabobo.T Inmobilia Camera & U Realty Advisors, 1994-2008.

Facilitator at the Self Help Group for Women: Women friends and supporters, 1996-2008. MARIA Flip – Education: Economist, UCAB.1984. Specialist in Human Resources Management, UC, 1998. Diploma in Management for Life, UN Association, 2005. Self-taught: Feng Shui Consultant, Personal Growth, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching for Life Strategic Management, Group Dynamics. MARIA Flip – Interests: Reading personal growth, Psychology, Economics, Science of Success. The photography, dance, dance, art in general, talking, teaching and learning, interested in establishing friendship networks all over the world.