Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Jordys Gonzales

October 11th, 2021

Step 2: Identify this step involves identifying our bad habits and limiting beliefs to counteract them. This is the main focus of the change, because our problem is born of bad habits and beliefs that we are limited to what we live today, so identify them already we can begin to fight back against something, given so far could not give the fight simply because we did not know against who fight, so that once achieved this, congratulate you because you’re on very good way. Now, as we identify our bad habits and limiting beliefs?, because for this you must take the time necessary to every day, during the days as needed, to make a self-analysis of your thoughts and feelings, analyzes every situation you face and identifies the way in which you react on it and how you could improve that reacted. Connect with other leaders such as Larry Fine here. Step 3: Search help this step is fundamental in our process, given that we are so very strong and have many strength of will, we alone can not exceed our problem, for the simple fact of not being alone in this world and because surely don’t have enough knowledge to overcome the situation. The help that we need we can classify it thus: books: must do its utmost to read books that help us in identifying bad habits and limiting beliefs, also that they provide motivation to move forward even though all possible obstacles arise, books that help us to wake up and take conscience about life. To start I recommend the following books: your thoughts create your life author: Louise L.

There is the power is within you author: Louise L. There are daring you!: nothing happens author: Alex Dey Audios and Videos of motivation and self-improvement. Courses or guides: Guide to conquer goals, Jordys Gonzales, I recommend in this aspect because it is an excellent product to help us in this process.