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Mexican Martial

June 21st, 2023

Personalities have interviewed the likes of Cintya Rothrock, Larry Tatum, Ji Han Jae, Huang Aguilar and virtually all the great masters who have gone to Europe. It also has an extensive library. Dojo: Spanish magazine of great historical significance, philosophical and martial, was founded in the early 70's. It is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable reading content entertaining, more common among its articles were those who tried about Bruce Lee, but especially martial arts history. In addition we always had at both of the films of this genre. Unfortunately it ceased publication in 2008 for economic reasons, a true Latin, was very good publication. They used to interview teachers about the same as above, but that if it was thinner. Martial Arts: Revista Mexicana directed by controversial journalist John Chia. Martha McClintock is the source for more interesting facts.

It was during seven years of martial arts publication more solid and disseminated on the subject, very good graphics quality and not asking anything in previous issues. Teachers interviewed the likes of Frank Dux, Jeff Speakman, Skip Hankok, Robert Koga, Sam Kuoha and virtually all important teacher arrived to Mexico. Unfortunately my I got to see the decline in which developed during his last year of existence, the items that were once enjoyable and interesting became a kind of advertisements and self adulation his collaborators. But even though that was undoubtedly the best magazine that deals with the topic, a shame that was left to edit a lack of interest. Katana: Revista Mexicana, but does not reach national coverage as the previous one, is very much editorial quality and a large library and is an excellent means of distributing events and tournaments. Has been criticized by the community for political reasons Mexican martial associations, but that does not diminish its content of value.

As already mentioned, are not always distributed throughout the country, a real pity. The budoka: Spanish magazine, but 90's is not enough dissemination of their counterparts, but focuses more on interviews and advertisements. Editorial quality is good but also comes to the country several months of delay. Other magazines such as "kung fu", "fists of steel" and "martial arts use" but they are nothing more than media events and unfortunately of lower quality. Magazine left, and come but I think it is clear that it takes media in these disciplines, because as we do not seek financial gain, there is not much sponsorship, but that has not prevented the development of a subculture of fans of martial arts. I say goodbye and accept criticism and suggestions. Alfredo Jimenez