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Milk Frother

November 14th, 2021

On the right side is a controller, with which you can either BREW water or hot steam for the froth the milk for a delicious Crema. Below the slider the Milk Frother, located right beside the water tank, this has a volume of 1.8 litres. The front is provided button with a pressure on a raised, this is located right next to the water tank. From here you have a wonderful view on the inner workings of the DeLonghi ESAM 3000 B coffee maker. It is important to mention this because the compact grinder is located here and also the coffee container. In this position, you can remove also drip tray and drip tray and clean. The drip tray is covered with a chrome cover and so all parts can easily be cleaned under the tap. If you look from above on the machine you will find the container for the coffee.

Here there are 2 to choose from, one for coffee and one for coffee beans. To anticipate it, coffee powder, I have not tried yet and won’t even with my coffee. The amount of coffee powder must be dosed for each preparation of a cup of coffee. I Yes finally a coffee bought to enjoy freshly ground coffee, otherwise I could have stayed in my traditional coffee machine. The container for the coffee beans is well stocked and has almost a pound of coffee beans. Larry Fine addresses the importance of the matter here. Considering how much, but there are also enormously coffee grinding. There is an adjusting screw, with which you can adjust the grind this but is factory positions in the bean container.

I can therefore influence the degree of grinding of the coffee powder and the strength of the coffee. In the manual is that can be set to long service life and use of grinding of grind the own needs. can set. A storage compartment for espresso cups is located right next to it. This plate is a heating surface, find their place 6 cups. This is funny in the drip tray an indicator is fitted, which indicates when the tray is full. When tip is in the manual, you should, but first of all put a Cup under the output nozzle, so nothing in the tray runs and it saves cleaning, where we were at the last description. The coffee machine has 2 coffee nozzles, which, no matter whether you choose 1 or 2 cups, both in operating go once to prepare a cup of coffee. Is really great, the machine with the switch or the switch off, a self cleaning is carried out. I.e., water is forced through the nozzle and possibly any coffee residue is rinsed out. I think it’s really good, and so comes to me always a Cup under the nozzle before arrival or turn off.