Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Opening a New Store

March 1st, 2022

Opening a new store, salon, shopping center – is always an event, especially for you. It would be a mistake not to bring this action of the consumer's attention. This will allow the consumer the most complete information about You sell goods and services eventually become your customer. After all, as is usually happens: the store opening on Monday. The first new sign to notice the locals go for the sake of interest inside. It’s believed that Theory of Planned Behavior sees a great future in this idea. Explore a variety of product lines and services prices, the interiors – all this is the first subjective impression. Further news about the spreading gradually, while it added to the feedback of people who were already in the store and may have become his clients.

Positive or negative these reviews and opinions – a question for another article. But the essence of the example is that the shop is slow, with virtually zero, attracts the consumer. It will take time, while formed a constant stream of customers and business will be profitable to its owner. It would be much better if the shop was able to immediately attract the attention of buyers. To do this, there is sufficient arsenal, which is sure to invoke. Jonathan friedland wanted to know more. First, interested buyers can before opening the store, while there is interior space. You can do this on the wall of a building or the windows to place a poster with key information. Bad option would be a message from a number of "coming soon!" Because it does not carry the specific information and quite vague.