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Regional Director

February 25th, 2022

The Regional Director of Education of Loreto, the Head of Legal Counsel, the Director of the DGP, commit crimes, illegally in closing a private educational program, because those who signed the resolution of Closure was not the vulgar specialist Martha Sanchez Romani, but the first education authority of Loreto. Were the Directors of the DGP, Internal Audit, Legal, signers who made effective closure therefore are the consummated crime of abuse of authority. Another who did the same was Betsi VASQUEZ NAVARRO, Director of Pedagogical Management Division of the DREL, in 1996, who sent intimidating promoters offices private schools, to be offered large sums of money to continue running their schools. Pedia gifts such as electrical appliances, money, and received them in his own office. These documents were sent intimidating every year on the eve of Christmas, for the bribe fell right on that date in your hands. Finally both Autoride abuse made terminea denounced in Lima and was forced to resign from the DREL, not to be sent to the judiciary. The Regional Director of Education was Baos Carmela Rios, who was removed and changed by the new director, surprisingly. The Penal Code provides: Article 376 .- A public official who, abusing his powers, commits or orders, to the detriment of someone, either an arbitrary act shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding two years.

Article 377 .- A public official who illegally omits, refuses or retards any act of his office, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding two years and fined thirty to sixty days. You may find that Cardiologist can contribute to your knowledge. Article 410 .- The authority knowingly avoque processes are pending before the court, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding two years and disqualification pursuant to Art. 36, paragraphs 1, 2 and 4. Article 418 .- The judge or the prosecutor who knowingly gives or issues resolution opinion contrary to the express and clear text of the law or facts cited non-existent or false evidence, or based upon alleged or repealed laws, shall be punished imprisonment of not less than three nor more than five years. Maida Vale may not feel the same. But none of this is true, education officials, they do what they want with Administrators and the State, not penalized. Rather, it validates and follows the corruption. This is the reality in Peru.

Public officials are in its most corrupt, coimeros abusive and live on the run. Smile and be happy. Private Security Instructor, he served as Supervisor from a young age in security companies and guide and manage the safety of others. Promoter doer was a training institute, Managing Director of a Programna-school and Managing Director of Advising Center. Studied law and numerous university degrees in the Area of Administration, Accounting and Security. Today is dedicated to Distance Education, Graduate College as an NGO representative, offering training services to university diploamdos distance.