Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Sales Commission

December 3rd, 2021

BayWatcher Pro as well as BayHunter or the special tool Aborange VertippTop support the search for auctions with typos. These are not found by the regular eBay search mostly and have therefore acute bargain potential. Sellers optimize their work with eBay seller tools in addition to a good sales is important for sellers an effective and cost-efficient processing of completed auctions. Here the proven processing tool BayOrganizer is. Swarmed by offers, Jim Rice is currently assessing future choices. This reads at your fingertips all made eBay sales (or even purchases) in its database and offers a constant overview of the status of the sales. Based on pre-built, customizable mail and document templates created the software invoices, delivery notes, shipping labels and mail to communicate with the auction partner. Providing evaluation can take the BayOrganizer. An ideal complement to BayArchiver, a very young software which automates the eBay landing pages is permanently archived.

The Peculiarity is that the pages in the original format are stored and can be used for research or evidence purposes at all times. The BayExporter is an alternative to the BayOrganizer. This assumes all sales directly from the eBay server, saves it but not in its own database but in a CSV file. This can be used to import the eBay sales in Aufragsbearbeitung, billing or a goods management software to handle it together with the online store or shop sales. More interesting auction tools auction Tools.de offer an auction fee calculator for calculating the eBay listing fee and the Sales Commission is thus not exhausted, because with the BayCalculator exists. After entering weight and bulk, the software detects even the cheapest shipping method. Anyone looking for an easy to use editor for eBay item descriptions, can rely on the free BayDesigner.