Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Soviet Union Letters

August 23rd, 2021

It is a crime! Merciful God gave me children, held by many difficulties and helped to move all the hardships and grievances, and sent the good heart of people, and then work Part ii ‘experienced all the bad, people need help I know the taste of grief ‘ Fr Valentin Biryukov in my hands a letter from the mother of many children: ‘ my children do not see often, even bread. ” And here’s another: ‘ and I can leave with the children to the light, still we are not wanted ” Letters come and go. Hundreds of them. From all corners of immense suffering Russia. At hand, I always ‘Korvalol’.

Even my hardened heart everyday hardships is so painful to read these chilling my being letters of confession that have comfort him, not only in prayer but also with medication. After reading another mother scream from the Russian hinterland, bitter grin – 10 years ago told me: ‘Why do so many give birth, just can not feed, clothe and to provide normal living conditions? ” (Incidentally, since in our housing conditions, nothing has changed). Judging from these letters, the whole of Russia can not bear! What is happening in our country, what pain and suffering undergo many mothers, how they live – all in these letters…