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August 27th, 2018

Deuses that, under the mask of the state, its fellow creatures also favor and is favored, a time that the three to be able/are one only: /o of them. This repressor character of the State for the rich ones can be perceived in the ticket where Joquim searchs a license to manufacture its airplane, but esbarra in the invisible hand of the state bureaucracy. The there responsible citizen for these things said to it: ' ' It is all certainty, everything very the airplane is surprising well, already vi But the license do not only depend on mim' ' the thing thus was for some months the great fool licking the mildew of the neckties In the light forgotten them wait rooms the insane person and its hat Later this bureaucratic mask goes anonymously to show its true face that prioritizes private interests in detriment of the public interest, that would have to be the biggest priority. Any similarity of these tickets with the notice on the inoperncia of the State in the education, the health and too much services, is not mere coincidence: One day somebody ordered a decisive ticket to it and clearly, it did not sign under ' ' Desiste' ' , it was written, ' ' many others already had tried and given with donkeys n? water Is much money, much pressure Nor God conseguiria' ' the tired insane person, the humiliated genius Flied in return pra marries To the classic way of the tragedy, when we think that Joquim is eliminated, we have the peripcia, that it is, in accord with Aristotle, the change of action in the contrary direction what it was indicated. Official site: Professor Roy Taylor. We believe that after having denied the desired license, this hero is looser, when then it resurges of leached ashes in all its esplendor. Therefore the heroes had thus a direction of model for the aristocrats: an essential virtue.

The Legend

March 29th, 2017

Man of fiber but with children to create, preferred to leave for who had more courage. Infuriated, the Fulgncio boasted that it would not go to leave the thing as was, and assumed the police station. From there, poisoned Epaminondas died. We early knew of its craze of spoon the first orange that was to the reach of the hand and to make a juice, of morning. Sage of this, was sufficiently to apply the poison with a syringe of injection in the orange that was next to the door of the kitchen and to wait that it was harvested early or late.

Unhappyly, it was very early. The Fulgncio, temperamental and destemido, received a phone call and were found with the body riddled of bullets in front of its house, when it left to go to the meeting of the mysterious communicator. _ A doubt, Mr. Mayor, if all in the city if know, or at least they seem to know itself, why the voice is not identified and why had not heard the shots that had killed the commission agent? _ Is commented that the Epaminondas did not identify the voice because seemed of a duck, very fanhosa, and the weapon was armed of silencer. For these reasons it is that I come to supplicate the V. ex. that it orders a tried commission agent, if not a police force that goes to fight against a ghost, can be said inexistent. _ Mr.

Mayor, which would be the reason, which would be the cause of these crimes? _ Is There, Excellency, the problem. It swims we have that it justifies these deaths. We are people pacatas that we modestly live of the culture of the beans, maize, rice, cassava, creating pigs and hens. More supplied they possess cows, but in perfect harmony, not to be for the CURSE OF the LEGEND _ CURSE OF THE LEGEND! That legend? _ At the time of the settling, the bandeirantes had found very prosperous an aboriginal tribe in the place where today our young ones if congregate in picnic, to the foot of an enormous chestnut tree, that was the preferred place of the chieftain if to seat, in advice, with its people.

Clarice Children

August 5th, 2014

In accordance with Cndida Vilares Hook in its book ' ' As to analyze narrativas' ' , the facts of this type of narrative … nor always are evidentes, because they are not equivalent the concrete action of a personage, but the interior movements; they would be emotional facts that would compose the psychological plot. Excepting this aspect, the psychological plot if structure as the plot of the action; this is equivalent to say that it has a conflict, it presents parts, probability and, therefore, it is passvel of analysis (HOOK, 1998, P. 12-13). In what it says respect to the choice of the verbs, I see that Clarice, with reciprocity, works with two verbs – the being and existing, in the direction of looking at. How much to the verbal times and becoming attached me it Lispector (1998), I observe that the story if initiates in past perfect the simple ones, representing actions carried through for Ana (personage main) or concluded last facts? ' ' Ana went up in the tram. It deposited the volume in the col and the tram started … ' ' -; later the verbs they pass to the past simple imperfect tense, time that is used to indicate repetition or continuity? ' ' The children of Ana were good, a true and sumarenta thing.

They grew, they took bath, demanded for itself, instants each time more completos' '. Day-by-day he has its continuity so emphasized by this verbal time, that the verb ' ' crescer' ' he arrives to be repeated more six times, as they show the excerpts: ' ' grew the trees. Its fast colloquy with the light collector grew, grew the water fulling the tank, grew its children, grew the table with foods … ' ' ; ' ' The children admirably grew around them ' ' (grifos mine). Rosenthal. As already it said, the text presents a interiorizada narrative, is stretches of the life of Ana, a woman ' ' bem' ' married (house owner) and with children, ' ' bem' ' occurred in the familiar life, therefore she acted in compliance with the condition for which it opts as they show the stretches: The man with who marries was a true man, the children who have were true children …