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The History Of Sushi

January 3rd, 2022

Sushi – healthy low-calorie foods. Ancient and at the same time, modern dish that symbolizes the Japanese cuisine. Classic sushi are elongated clumps of specially prepared sushi rice seasoned with wasabi horseradish river, and covered with a slice of fresh fish or seafood. Sushi, wrapped in sheets of pressed seaweed, called the roll. Sushi is eaten with chopsticks special – hashi, although Japanese etiquette allow food and sushi with his hands.

Portion of land, usually eaten at one time. Taste land shaded by pickled ginger, soy sauce or natural Kikkoman. In Japan, sushi came about a hundred years ago. Homeland sushi as a method of harvesting fish, is South Asia. The fish was cleaned, Burke, was packed layer by layer, covered with salt, stone laid at the press, where there was a few weeks, after which the stones are replaced by a light cover. It was only after several months, during which there was a process of fermentation of fish, sushi is considered ready to use. Only in the late 19th century, the fish decided to file in raw form (it took a Japanese chef Yuhey).

The dish quickly gained fans, and rice traders began placing hybrid rice with fish (and other ingredients) in the form of beautiful packages. This dish is now known as the traditional sushi. Since then, the process of making sushi, while remaining essentially unchanged, all the while evolving and improving, adding new recipes. Because of this land is constantly gaining more admirers. Just to make aesthetically appealing and tasty sushi, do not follow the dogmas of contrived and strictly adhere to certain rules. A distinctive feature of the land that is enough to understand how to cook, and then you can use on your own imagination and ingenuity, inventing their own recipes and experimenting with absolutely any ingredients.